Cricket Hotspot

With Mobile Hotspot, you can take the Cricket network with you wherever you go, as they cover all 50 states in the US. Furthermore, when you add the Mobile Hotspot function to qualified plans, your phone becomes a Wi-Fi hotspot for numerous devices at once!

Benefits of Cricket Hotspot

  • When you’re traveling and on the go, connect your laptop or tablet to the Internet.
  • When Wi-Fi is unavailable, you can access the Internet from your home.
  • Using Wi-Fi or a USB connection, tether up to six (6) devices at once!
  • You can share Hotspot with your friends and family.
  • Tethering is the process of attaching devices to your smartphone to share Internet access. The Cricket Mobile Hotspot feature allows tethering.

Cricket hotspot is one of the most well-known prepaid providers, but should you switch to this low-cost cell phone provider? Clark Howard, a financial expert, used to be a Cricket Wireless user. He claims that while the carrier’s regular rates aren’t always the best, its limited-time bargains on plans and devices are challenging to beat.

What To Know About Cricket Hotspot?

Cricket Wireless has two unlimited plans and two fixed-data plans to choose from. For a single line of service, the cheapest package starts at $30 per month. Taxes are included in all Cricket plans, and there is no commitment or credit check required.  As you can see, Cricket’s single line of service rate options are not exactly the cheapest, as you can see in the chart below. However, when additional lines are added and autopay reductions are applied, Cricket becomes a better deal, and you can get started with a cricket store near you.

One of Cricket’s long-running deals, for example, is four lines of unlimited service for $100 per month. Cricket Wireless launched its countrywide 5G network. Although the carrier is owned by AT&T and uses AT&T’s network, roaming coverage may differ in some places. This is normal with prepaid carriers, so check the coverage map online before you start. Take heed to the fine print when you evaluate Cricket’s ideas. For example, Cricket may reduce data or limit data rates to 8 Mbps when the network is crowded, depending on the package.

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