Why should you opt for critical illness insurance?

To each one of us, our life is the most essential asset that we possess, and we can do anything to safeguard and protect it from any kind of mishap and tragedy. But many times, in our life, we come across situations that can be very tragic and disheartening, most of them are serious illnesses like heart attacks, cancer, stroke, etc. Such incidents help us realize the value of protecting our life by getting ourselves insured so that we can pay all the medical expenses for our treatment and at the same time provide for the financial needs of our family. A critical illness insurance policy does the same for you since it focuses on paying for your hospital and other medical expenses along with your other family expenses. 

After recovering from a critical illness, it takes some time to get the proper recovery and continue our work, but you need to think about how your family will sustain you during that period, especially when you are the only bread earner in the family. This is where a critical illness helps you in many ways than one, by giving you financial assistance and security in return for the premium which is paid by you over the years. Though many people confuse it with a health insurance policy, both of them are different and have different specifications and considerations. Following are some of the benefits of getting critical illness insurance for you and your family:


  • Helps with the provision of financial assistance: Medical expenses have risen to a huge extent and that is the reason why everyone can’t get professional medical treatment for their illnesses. When you suffer from a serious condition, it may cost you the savings of your lifetime to pay for your treatment, since it is quite difficult to pay all of it by yourself. While a health insurance policy may give you coverage, but it may exclude it for some serious conditions, therefore you won’t be able to get any assistance with that policy. In such cases, critical illness insurance helps with paying all your medical expenses and providing you with the best treatment in well-renowned hospitals.
  • Covers a variety of serious illnesses: The best critical illness insurance will include all kinds of serious conditions, which are majorly experienced by people. With the kind of sedentary lifestyle that we are living today, our lives have become fast, and which is the reason why we are not able to focus on our physical and mental health. It ultimately causes a lot of disturbance in our peace of mind and body, due to which we experience problems like heart attack, cancer, and strokes. A normal health insurance policy may not provide coverage for such issues, that is why you should opt for a critical illness insurance policy.
  • Helps with meeting your necessity expenses: A health insurance policy only provides the coverage for your illness, but a critical insurance policy provides you coverage that can be used to pay your hospital and medicine bills or you can use it to fulfill your family expenses till the time you don’t recover fully. Recovering from a serious illness may take a long time, especially in the case of cancer where you need to undergo chemotherapy and other medications to get control of your health and body. In such cases, you want money to look after your family, which can be easily provided with the help of critical health insurance.
  • Can be availed at a low premium: The best part about taking critical illness insurance is its ease of access since, unlike a health insurance policy you don’t need to pay a high premium to avail your policy. The major why this happens is due to the fewer number of illnesses covered in a critical illness insurance policy. But you should always make sure that you should always get quality coverage and benefits, and they should never be compromised due to the availability of low premiums. For anyone who cannot afford a health insurance policy, it’s always better to opt for critical illness insurance, since it helps you with providing optimum financial assistance in times of need.
  • Fewer complexities involved: The process of availing a critical illness insurance policy is way simple and easy since you don’t need to complete a lot of paperwork and documentation, just provision of the necessary information will do the work. The coverage claim process is equally simple since you can avail of the coverage at any time you want.

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