What’s So Great About Turkish TV Dramas?

The Turkish television drama scene is one of the most vibrant on the planet. Whether you enjoy thrillers, love stories, or family dramas, there is a Turkish television drama for you. And while you’re watching it, you’re probably wondering what’s so compelling about Turkish television dramas. To answer your question, we’ll look at a few examples. Let’s take a look at some of the best series.

Turkish television series are very long. Typically two hours, dizi can take years to complete. When exported abroad, the dramas are typically split into two-hour episodes. Turkish television series can feature as many as 50 main characters, and the majority of the episodes are filmed on location in historic Istanbul, with the occasional filming in a studio. The central character in any Turkish television drama is the family, whether it’s the father, the mother, the daughter, or the son.

Another series that has become increasingly popular is “The Innocents.” The series is based on the memoirs of a psychiatrist and has received positive reviews from Turkish viewers. A few of the other Turkish television dramas have become international bestsellers. And you can’t miss “Red Room” or “The Innocents” – both of them are highly recommended! So, what’s so great about Turkish TV dramas?

If you like romantic comedies, check out the Turske Serije “Endless Love” on Star TV. This series has a romantic theme and stars Engin Akyurek, Tuba Buyukustun, Damla Colbay, and Saygin Soysal. The story revolves around murder incidents. It’s very enjoyable to watch. And the actors are amazingly good! It’s hard not to love this Turkish television drama!

emotivci” is another excellent Turkish television drama, with an IMDb rating of 7.9 and a time frame of 2021. It revolves around a young criminal and public prosecutor who needs to solve a crime. This character suffers in an unfair society and eventually decides to join the criminal world. But as the series progresses, he has to prove his innocence. In the end, he is triumphant.

A new romantic drama series in Turkey is called “Sen Cal Kapimi.” The series stars handsome actor Kerem Bursin and actress Hande Ercel. It is based on a popular novel by Mustafa Mumin Aksoy. The plot is quite dramatic. A rich man (Serkan) decides to propose marriage to a poor woman, Eda. The two fall in love, but can the marriage last?

Despite the controversies surrounding Turkish television drama, its popularity is growing. Turkish-made shows have been aired in 146 countries, attracting 700 million viewers. The Turkish government hopes to earn $1bn from television exports by 2023. Perhaps the most successful Turkish drama is The Magnificent Century, which is a historical drama set in the Ottoman empire. This historical series is often referred to as the Turkish version of the Tudors and has aired in over 70 countries.

Dirilis: Ertugrul is another popular series on Turkish television. Directed by Zeynep Gunay Tan, this series has a huge following in Turkey and is available with Arabic subtitles. The third most popular Turkish television drama, Dirilis: Ertugrul, is a fictional history series based on the life of the founder of the Ottoman Empire. It has 5 seasons and 150 episodes.

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