Classic Men’s Diamond Rings

There are only a couple of ring types associated with men, the first of them is a wedding ring. The other primary ring type is a signet or pinky ring linked to famous gangster movies or TV series characters like the Godfather or Tony Soprano. People don’t typically know the history behind signet rings and how powerful kings and popes used to wear them as a sign of power and prestige. Today in this article, we will guide you so that you can find men’s diamond rings that would breathe new life to your classic men’s style look.

10 of the Best Classic Men Styles for Rings:

Following are a few different diamond rings that you can choose from that best depict men’s style in a classic but fashionable way.

  • Horseshoe Signet Ring:

This diamond ring is designed in a horseshoe shape studded with a few diamonds along the shoe curve. The diamonds not only signify power and prestige, but the shape of horseshoe incorporated here also delivers an image of men that want to signify it as a lucky ring. You can also wear it with a pinky finger for a more classic look. 

You can get this ring made in a variety of metals, not just gold. Most men prefer this ring in titanium or silver to reduce the brightness of gold.

  • Satin Diamond Rings as Wedding Bands:

Our second ring style in this list is a beautiful Wedding ring band that houses 8 round cut diamonds allowing this band to make a grand statement for your special occasion. You can get this ring made in white gold and platinum, keeping it classic for men.

Just keep in mind when buying these bands is to choose the metal of the band depending on your budget, as even though platinum gives the most classic feel, it will be the most expensive. You can get the classic look from white gold, but it will be cheaper.

  • Black Diamond Rings:

While a diamond cut and clarity tell its rarity and perfection, especially for a wedding ring, a black diamond is not so perfect but beautiful nonetheless. This classic style is a great ring gemstone for a ring style that is beautiful enough to be worn at parties and occasions but not sophisticated enough so that you can wear them in your daily routine. 

These diamonds are treated to enhance their flaws by exposing them to radiation and bringing out their mysterious calming dark coloration. Polished with craftsmanship can make them look amazing on any man.

  • Accented 3 Diamonds Ring:

In the style of a signet ring, the three diamonds are surrounded by smaller diamonds on the rectangular face, perfect for men of faith who want the Jesus’ Trifecta close to them at all times. Each round diamond is 0.10 ct each, while the smaller 22 diamonds are 0.005 ct each housed on a gold ring. Silver will also give off a great look for this ring.

  • Infinity Engagement Ring:

While the above ring style housed 25 big and small diamonds, this ring has only two diamonds on the crown styled as a symbol of infinity. This style gives an elegant but graceful look for men. This base and housing is pure sterling silver giving off an excellent sheen for men conscious with style and making a statement. This ring is a beautiful gift for your partner, showing your unyielding love for them.

  • Black Diamond Wedding Band – Juggernaut:

The band has a beautiful hammer finish with rough edges made of 8mm Zirconium. This will give the band a comfortable fit as well as a rugged polished look. The ring is accented with 31 black diamonds, portraying polish and shine seemingly set in Zirconium stone.

  • Black Onyx Diamond Ring

This ring elegantly mixes two types of ring fashions into one housing a diamond inside a black onyx base housed in a ring of polished, textured gold finish. This combination gives it a luxurious feel which is available in white, yellow, and rose gold.

  • Halo Setting Diamond Rings:

When looking at settings for engagement rings, women have many options than men, giving you choices from a multitude of settings and mountings. Even though you always need to look first at your lifestyle when choosing a setting for your diamond ring, a halo setting is the safest and the most trending option of 2021.

You can choose any gemstone for the centerpiece in this diamond ring surrounded by a halo of smaller diamond whose sparkle complements the gemstone’s shine. This setting allows you to get the brilliance of a 3-carat diamond at a fraction of the cost.

  • Single Diamond on a Round Bezel Band:

This ring style uses a bezel setting perfected by master craftsmanship, having a round cut diamond right in the center of the ring, which is 0.05 ct and S12 clarity. The best look you get is pure gold, perfect for a wedding band.

  • Princess-Cut Diamond Wedding Ring:

The final ring in our list is a 14K men’s ring made of white gold containing a slew of 1-carat princess cut diamonds on the face. You can customize the color and cut of the diamonds while having options to choose from yellow, white, and rose gold for the ring band. You can also make a matching diamond ring with this style for your wife.


In this article, we included the 10 best styles of diamond rings that you can choose from to make your unique classic style not just for your wedding but also for everyday wear in your wardrobe. Diamonds are not just for women but can be worn by men with style and sophistication as an accessory. These ring styles sit perfectly with the outlook that, after all, these are accessories and should be part of every man’s style. You can look further into the links we provided in the article to know more types and settings to choose from.

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