Is Sweden the Right Choice for Getting Residency Permit?

Excellent public services and a well-organized corporation structure might be the choice of every citizen. Sweden is one of the top listed countries with excellent services and corporation structures. Other than that, law and order situations are also excellent and the proof of this is the crime rate which is noticeably low in Sweden as compared to other developed countries including The United States and Great Britain.

Other than that, beautiful scenarios, inland lakes, and the world’s second-highest number of islands in Sweden make it even more attractive. Many people are coming from the different corners of the world to spend their free days here and making it a great place for visitors. Other than visitors many other people come to Sweden searching for asylum, seeking educational opportunities, or availing business opportunities.

Every year many people migrate towards Sweden. People who are not seeking asylum are only required to get a residence permit in Sweden to live there. People from the European union member countries can stay there for a long period of five years without any residency permit. But the main thing is that you should know before leaving anywhere the benefits you can get there. Following are some basic conditions in Sweden that are related to every person and you can decide on their basis whether it is worth living in Sweden or not.

Law and Order Situations of the Country

Best law and order situations are among the top requirements that every citizen wishes to have in the country of residence. Excellent law and order situations are also among the top listed properties of an ideal citizenship life. Whenever you try to move to some other country to live there permanently, you will wish to move to the country with the best law-making and applying agencies.

This first requirement of ideal citizenship is fulfilled by Sweden as the law and order situations of the country are exemplary. You might not believe it but it is a fact that there is less crime rate in Sweden as compared to China, the United States, and even Japan. You will definitely prefer Sweden over other countries as you never wish to move to a country where you every time have a threat of being looted or being murdered, and the government and law-making agencies are not doing something effective against it.

Taxes and Facilities

There is no country that is going on without collecting taxes from its people. But the main thing is how much taxes you are paying. In Sweden, the taxes are relatively higher than in other developed countries of the world. It is the main reason behind high living expenses in Sweden. However, another thing that matters is the output you are getting from the Government in response to these taxes.

Provided facilities are also high according to taxes. In Sweden research students getting a postgraduate or doctoral degree can get free education. Similarly, some fields of study also offer stipends to the students. The education of every child up to 16 years is compulsory and free of any cost. You can also get different funds including child funds, parental funds, unemployment funds along with job and development guarantees and activation benefits.

Working Opportunities

The most important thing to consider while moving to any place as an immigrant, investor, or asylum seeker, is the working opportunities in that place. Working opportunities are vast in Sweden. You can start a job there depending upon your education and skills. The most convenient thing is to start your own business as you can do so in Sweden with only a little investment. For example, opening an academy, printing shop, or sports shop is quite easy and beneficial along with many other opportunities.


No matter how long does it take to get asylum in Sweden or other types of permits that allow you to live there, you should apply for it. The reason behind that is simple as the only demerit point of living in Sweden is the high tax rate which can be ignored due to the facilities you are getting in response. Working opportunities and law situations make Sweden a good choice to live in.

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