6 ways to engage students in remote learning

It is hard to keep students attentive during class. And when it comes to online classes, it becomes even more difficult. However, at current times, online classes are safer for children. Therefore, teachers and parents have to look for ways to make students attentive. They need to focus on the class instead of their surroundings.

Furthermore, it is not completely children’s blame. It is common to look around when you need to do some work. Even ordinary things look more attractive when you are busy. That is why scolding and being strict on children and students is not the right way to do things. Instead, the teacher should involve the students in activities that attract them.

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Here are some of the ways that you can use to teach students.

1 – Provide them with real-world examples

The best way to teach is to provide the children with real-world examples. For example, you need to tell them about addition and subtraction. Writing it onboard is definitely boring. Furthermore, kids won’t take interest. However, what if you ask every one of them to collect 5 objects from their room. They will hurriedly do so. Now ask them to remove 2 from them and ask what’s left behind.

2 – Plan group activities

The best way to attract children and students is to plan group activities. Although the activity should depend on the age group but group activities are best for all ages. You should plan the activity according to the subject.

For example, if you are teaching them biology, you can check out some easy experiments. These group activities will attract them and they will willingly do it. Furthermore, it is an experiment that will yield specific results. Therefore, students will wait for the results with eagerness.

If students find it troublesome to work in a group, you should guide them properly. One of the biggest hurdles in group projects is the mutual cooperation among students. They often fight among themselves over the assigned duties. Some of them do not even work because they won’t get the whole credit. Therefore, you should look for ways to make them work peacefully.

3 – Make them speak

Character and confidence-building is also one of the key responsibilities of a teacher. Therefore, you should also work on it. While doing the confidence-building activities, you will also encourage the students to speak out for themselves. This will make them attentive towards the class.

For example, you might want the students to speak in the class. This will make them attentive during the lecture because they know that you will ask questions at the end of the class. The tension will make them remain attentive. Furthermore, when they speak, they will eventually gain confidence.

Likewise, you can also provide them with presentations. Ask them to choose the topic of their interest. For example, if someone likes plants, you can assign them a presentation related to them. They can gather information and will come in front of everyone to speak for at least 5 minutes.

4 – Let them say what’s on their mind

Although the two points seem alike but they are different. What is important here is encouraging students to ask questions. You should not stop them if they ask questions. Instead, encourage such behavior. This will open up their minds.

The good thing about being young is that we question everything. Pay attention to what children speak. They might even ask you why the color of the sky is blue and why does the grass looks green. These questions might seem irritating for us but not for them. They are new in this world and it is only natural for them to get curious.

Encouraging such questions will make them think more and will improve their intellectual abilities. So when they grow up, they won’t think like others. But instead, they will think about other things. They will take other aspects into consideration.

5 – Ask questions

In addition to encouraging their questions, you should also ask questions. Asking questions make students attentive. And this is your strategy. You have to work on their thinking ability. Furthermore, when you make them answer the questions, they will feel a sense of achievement. This will also boost their confidence.

Moreover, if students feel less confident while speaking, do not laugh at them. And do not allow others to do so. If other students show something like this, discourage their behaviors. Laughing at others will make them less confident. And this should not happen.

6 – Use mixed media

Instead of focusing on a single way of teaching, you should work on different Media. For example, a whiteboard and a blackboard are too boring. However, if you use multimedia and PowerPoint presentations, it will gather them all. They will listen to you because of the visual representation of things.

This is especially good for younger children. If kids are in middle school, they like pictures and visual things. So the best way to teach them is through drawings. You can take pictures from the web and use them. Or you can also use voice recordings.

PowerPoints allow you to use audio-video files. So if you need to show something in motion, you can do so. This will also make the students look forward to the next lectures too. Thus, you will become their favorite teacher.

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