5 Smart Classroom Must Haves

If you are a teacher, you may be looking for classroom must haves. As a teacher there are several items which can help make your life easier in the classroom.” The group brainstorming process doesn’t have to be a mess” as per Vibe professionals.

So, given below are five items which will make your life easy:

Smart Notebook software

What is it?

In short, Smart Notebook software allows you to create interactive lessons that can be used to create quizzes and tests, as well as other assignments. You can also use it to make presentations with your students that can include videos and audio files.

How do you get started?

After installing the software on your computer and creating an account on the online portal, you’re ready to start using it in your classroom. Start by adding a new lesson or assignment by clicking the plus sign at the top left corner of your screen.

From there, choose what type of file you want – quiz or test (or even both), presentation or video – then customize any settings necessary for each file type before saving it onto one of three tabs: Quizzes & Tests; Presentations; Videos


If you haven’t already, it’s time to start thinking about technology in your classroom. A Chromebook is a great tool for teachers because they are easy to use, affordable and secure. With a long battery life, they can easily be used anywhere, the best part. There has been lots of research on the impact they have on learning.


As a teacher, you want to use apps that can be used for classroom activities, teacher collaboration, student collaboration and assessment. There are many options out there but the best one you have is Classkick. It allows students to collaborate with each other and they can watch video tutorials on how to complete assignments or even practice skills in class.

Classroom Management Software

  • ClassDojo is a classroom management software that you can use to create a digital behavior and grading system. You can monitor students’ progress, award badges and give them points for good behavior. The app allows teachers to see what their students are working on during class time so they can help those who need it or give extra attention to those who are doing well.
  • ClassFlow is another classroom management tool that helps teachers keep track of the curriculum and at-home work assignments through an online portal. Teachers can assign tasks to students, view their progress and send notifications when work is due back.

Hands-on Tools

  • A digital whiteboard is a must-have for every classroom. You can use it to display student work, create flashcards and quizzes, and more.
  • Smartboards are also extremely useful in the classroom. They’re essentially a large touchscreen that allows you to project videos or images onto them and make annotations as needed.
  • iPads are another great tool for teachers looking to integrate technology into their lessons. They allow students access to interactive content and other apps that can help with learning activities.
  • Chromebooks are laptops with Google Chrome installed on them, which makes them easy for students who have grown up using Chromebooks at home or school in their computer classes (which means everyone).
  • Smartphones are great tools too because they allow you access anywhere there’s wifi–and they’re always with you! 

Remember, the best classroom tools are the ones that help you do your job better. These five things should get you started on your journey to being a better teacher and more organized.

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