Best Examples of Pop-ups on the Website to Engage Better With Visitors Online

Probably everyone faced at least a couple of pop-ups during their customer journey. Some may call them intrusive and annoying, but the paradox is that they are still widely used. Despite pop-ups being invented in the 90s, they still remain one of the best sign-up forms for conversion. In this article, we’ll explore how to connect with the audience on a new level using smart widgets on a website. 

Types of pop-up ads

Pop-ups small windows that overlap the main page. Normally, they don’t disappear until a user interacts with them. Although their primary goal usually is to boost the conversion rate, not all of the pop-up ads are the same. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • Exit-intent pop-ups  — this type of pop-up advertising doesn’t interfere with a user customer experience and materializes only when a person is about to leave a web page. 
  • Time-based pop-ups — they appear on a website if a user was idle on a page for some time. They aim to remind about something important, like completing the check-out process. 
  • Scroll-triggered pop-ups — when a user reaches down to a specific section on a website, only in this case pop-ups are activated and displayed. 
  • Click-activated pop-ups — if a website visitor clicks a button related to a pop-up, they will get an offer or a piece of information on a pop-up without being redirected to another tab page. 

Best ways to engage with the audience 

Considering that this type of web advertisement is ubiquitous, there must be reasons for that. Smart pop-ups can be highly beneficial to your business if implemented wisely. Here are some ways that will hopefully help you to connect with your prospects better.

Offer some value 

Getting a discount or an item as a gift is always enticing, especially for newly landed visitors who may be unsure about buying. It is also a great opportunity to ask something in return, like an email subscription or creating an account. Have a look at how Old Navy makes an offer, just because you earned it. 

Gamify the process 

While ordinary fill-out forms are time-tested classics, spin-the-wheel pop-ups bring more fun to the whole process and are less likely to be closed. People don’t generally perceive games as something irritating, that’s why such an approach can be a great alternative when it comes to engaging with the audience better. Modern Me Boutique uses this type of pop-up ad to offer free shipping or various discounts. 

Do special offers 

It’s no good to tailor pop-ups and forget about them with the hope of converting. Various smart widgets for different occasions or even parts of a website will help you to create a sense of a personal approach. That’s how Casper makes a discount offer on Black Friday. It also increases a so-called FOMO effect (a fear of missing out), as Black Friday doesn’t happen every day. 

Cross-sell it

Recommend supplementary goods for your customers after they added something to the basket. Cross-selling creates a better customer experience if you offer relevant items or services that a user might have forgotten. For example. Sephora displays a pop-up ad with some products that can be of use. 

Use exit-intent pop-ups 

This type of pop-up ad can significantly reduce a cart abandonment rate. Provide an exclusive offer if a visitor’s mouse is hovering towards an exit button. But also consider showing pop-ups either at the beginning or at the end of your purchasers’ shopping journey, otherwise, the abundance of appearing windows might overwhelm them and have an opposite effect. And just like that Spoiled Brat offers a discount and VIP access for its customers when one is about to leave. 

Wrapping up

Launching pop-ups that work is not an easy task to do. There can be pitfalls and general pop-up mistakes to avoid. But consider taking some of the practices mentioned in this article into account while tailoring pop-ups for your business. You can gamify, cross-sale, or do something different that will highlight the uniqueness of your brand and ensure an unforgettable customer experience for every user. 

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