How to Outsmart the Instagram Algorithm in 2021

To gain a better understanding of the current Instagram algorithm, let’s look back in time. Instagram said in 2016 that it would prioritize “the moments you care about” in users’ feeds, abandoning the reverse-chronological feed in favor of a curated one akin to parent firm Facebook.

Similar to the modifications made by Facebook to prioritize friends and family, the Instagram algorithm prioritizes timely, fresh postings that are relevant to users’ interests. As with any curated social feed, Instagram’s algorithm has been updated and refined over time.

Techniques And Strategies For Outwitting The Instagram Algorithm

According to what we know about how the algorithm works and what we’ve observed firsthand, improving your reach and engagement in a curated feed is most absolutely achievable.

The following summarizes the methods and approaches you should use to ensure that the maximum number sees your people’s content.

  1. Improve the quality of your photographs.

According to Instagram, achieving a higher rating in your followers’ feeds requires creating “excellent content.” It’s a no-brainer. Except that what defines “excellent content” is subjective and does not provide us with many specifics. Regardless, the most liked and shared content on Instagram is frequently visually arresting.

Vibrant colors. Awe-inspiring scenery. This is the type of content that causes people to pause and hit “Like.” If you’re currently producing visually arresting material, you’re already ahead of the game. Even if your industry appears “boring,” high-quality photographs are the norm rather than the exception. Additionally, remember that there are numerous Instagram programs, such as VSCO, that may help you get a more professional look with your imagery on a budget.

  1. Continue to publish consistent stories

According to reports, Stories do not affect the Instagram algorithm. First, they are a massively popular form of content that is highly effective for marketing, with over 500 million daily users and brands accounting for one-third of the most-viewed stories.

Additionally, Stories are prioritized at the top of user feeds regardless of how the algorithm prioritizes your content, ensuring that you are always top-of-mind and within reach of your audience.

This is not to say that you should prioritize Stories over standard feed posts. Rather than opting for either Stories or regular postings, your mindset should be, “Why not both?”

Stories are an authentic, quick approach to engaging your audience that they enjoy. Additionally, they elevate your brand’s profile to the top of your followers’ feeds.

  1. Increase the amount of video content published

Instagram does not explicitly state that video takes precedence over photos. While they may lead us to believe that they are treated similarly, let’s dig a little deeper to see why video demands your attention.

Remember how we discussed the necessity of eye-catching content previously? Given that videos automatically play in your followers’ feeds, there is likely no better method to capture someone’s attention while they are scrolling.

And, if we follow Facebook’s logic, we want our followers to spend as much time as possible connecting with our profiles. Put, both short-form and long-form videos demand viewers to pause and gaze.

Instagram’s platform is constantly evolving with new video capabilities such as Reels and IGTV. These content formats can also be included in both the regular feed and their tabs on account sites, indicating that Instagram is premium on users’ ability to discover video content.

Additionally, your video content does not have to be a full-fledged production. Simple time-lapse, behind-the-scenes, or short Reels are sufficient to attract viewers for both large and small firms. What matters is that you are producing video in some way.

  1. Attempt to live more frequently

As with Stories, Live video has no bearing on the Instagram algorithm. On the other hand, Instagram Live does generate notifications to followers by appearing at the top of your followers’ Stories feeds.

The importance of live video is that audiences care more about the spontaneous element than the production values, anticipating something more plain and spontaneous. This alleviates once again the need for polished, professional content.

Just as marketers should experiment with traditional video, they should also experiment with live video. Throughout 2020, the live video became an increasingly popular method of communicating with customers via brand Q&As, digital events, and announcements. Rather than waiting for a perfectly orchestrated moment, ensure you’re practicing live video and developing your comfort level with the format.

  1. Create more enticing captions

According to reports, Instagram’s algorithm promotes engagement. That means that likes and shares are precious. However, openly encouraging conversations are perfectly acceptable on buy real Instagram likes uk. This is also a simple process since you can directly invite followers to leave a comment.

However, conventional wisdom suggests that not every post should follow this format. This is consistent with how Facebook penalized engagement bait and brands that attempted to manipulate their algorithm on purpose. In other words, you should use significantly engagement-driven captions on Instagram, but not to the point where the approach becomes excessively integrated into every post.

  1. Host a contest or raffle

You’ll find that contest and giveaway postings are among the most popular and engaged with many businesses. Whether it’s sharing a hashtag or creating user-generated content, contests might help your profile see an increase in interaction.

Contrary to popular assumptions, these competitions continue to exist. Ensure that you are prepared to manage a social media contest and are familiar with the legalese involved before getting started. Additionally, adopt a “less is more” strategy for your contests to ensure adequate time for buzz-building between them.

  1. Maximize the impact of your hashtags

The more eyes that are directed at your posts, the better. Hashtags can assist in bringing those eyes to your content in a matter of seconds.

By using hashtags in your content strategy, you can ensure that your postings are virtually searchable. Combining brand, product, and community hashtags creates the optimal environment for engagement.

  1. Maintain a presence during peak hours

The simplest method to succeed with the Instagram algorithm is to publish during peak hours. Due to the non-chronological feed, publishing during peak hours does not always ensure a flood of activity. However, posting material that corresponds to when users are actively using the app will assist you in meeting some of the timeliness, and usage frequency ranking variables discussed previously.

  1. When in doubt, increase your frequency of posting!

Finally, do not be scared to increase the frequency of your postings. As Recode points out, Instagram officially stated in 2018 that posting “often” is one of their best practices. According to their own words: And in a sense, this concludes our approach to outwitting the Instagram algorithm. Posting more frequently allows you to experiment and determine which pieces of content (hint: similar to the ones above) work and which do not.

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