3 Worst Consequences and Scenarios if Mobile Apps Cease to Exist

Have you ever thought of what would happen if there were no apps in the world anymore? No program whatsoever that you can use on your smartphone, PC, or any other device. A very rare scenario indeed and can be the one to give a teenager a panic attack for sure. Even people who just like to message their friends and loved ones, especially senior citizens, will be extremely worried and puzzled as to what to do.

Hang on as I discuss some important scenarios and situations that can occur.

A Scenario Straight Out of Science Fiction Movies

Most businesses look to hire app developer who can work for them and provide an app that can work wonders for them. There is every chance that even a small company with revenue in a few thousand dollars also looks to get enough of their own. Because they know that in the long run, it will benefit them. That is why they will cut their marketing costs and other expenditures to make way for an app that can do the trick for them. So, what will happen to everyone if there is such a dire scenario? Surely, everyone will be nervous.

Please go through this blog as I discussed three areas that can occur in the case mobile apps are obsolete from the world.

1. End of Creativity in Programing and Design

The extinction of mobile apps will be the end of creativity and programming in design. A world without a mobile app will most probably make the programmers and designers leave with less work. In fact, just the web design is not enough to make them busy so that they do not have much to do. And when it comes to creativity, it will also die down as loss of work will make them complete their task with less enthusiasm and zeal.

Creativity is all about making things work for a product or service with something that looks out of the ordinary. Imagination and original ideas are at the heart of creativity and that is why immense passion is required from a designer. But if a person will know that whatever he is designing will now be seen by just a few people, he will not work as efficiently as previously. So, it is needless to say that businesses cannot assume great projects just like on previous occasions.

The role of programmers/coders working on such a project will be diminished as they may look for projects, as they know not much work will come their way. And this will deteriorate the quality of the work considerably.

2. End of Communication as We Know It in the 21st Century

The scenario of mobile apps not being available anymore will also mark the end of communication as we know it.  Because virtually every one of us now depends upon mobile apps to communicate, it is very difficult for all of us to switch back to the communication that was available two decades ago. And that communication also means nothing in terms of quality and options available right now.

Let me offer you an example so that you can understand my viewpoint easily.

Any app development company nowadays works on some sort of communication or entertainment app. The end-users are always on the lookout for new features and options that can make their tasks easier. And that propelled mobile designers and developers to come up with new and innovative designs/features to make an app exceptional. Without any app for this purpose or any other one will make them dull.

Without any challenge, all of our work but in a mundane mode as no one is measuring our performance against any metric or standard. Communication apps are used worldwide, and WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram now lead the way along with messenger apps like Skype and FB messenger. Communication is the key when it comes to businesses getting engaged with their current and prospective customers. With the lack of such tools, businesses have to rely on traditional marketing that includes direct marketing. This is not the cup of tea for every company as it is very expensive. And when everyone is indulged in, the cost will increase dramatically.

These are just some of the aspects that will make people disheartened as without the communication they are used to right now; they would not know what to do. Or how to proceed with their daily personal and professional life. Read more about this in the next few paragraphs.

3. Loss to Businesses will be Unimaginable 

The quantum of damage will be unimaginable, to say the least. Such a scenario can make even the biggest business lose substantial revenue. A huge Loss to businesses will be imminent as Smartphones, Handheld devices, IoT devices, and tech gadgets use apps will also gradually become obsolete. Smartphones and other handheld devices heavily rely on mobile apps. Even IoT devices and meaning tech gadgets can’t also be used to the optimum or used at all. That is why businesses around the world will start to go down like ninepins.

Mobile apps are needed to run many devices and are also a source of income for app development and design companies. This will be one of the worst scenarios for all the businesses as they will struggle to break even. It won’t be nice to say that it will reflect something like a post-apocalyptic world where everything will look a shadow of what it has been previously. No one will want to indulge in any business or invest as the future will be bleak, to say the least.

Final Words

The scenario that I have used in this blog is very much unimaginable and most probably won’t happen. But I have used my imagination just to give you an outlook on how important mobile apps are in our lives. And also for businesses they are the lifeline on which everyone depends upon. Even a minor glitch in a mobile app makes the heartbeat of the company owners faster as most of their customers use a mobile app to get in touch with them.

What do you think if such a scenario occurs, what will be your reaction? Is there any remedy so that the scenario as I’ve mentioned can be changed somehow? Please offer your view about this scenario and what will be the course of action? For any feedback or questions about this blog, please use the comments section below.

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