What is Right and Wrong While Logo Designing for Small Business

While starting to build a small business, there are loads of things that must be taken care of. You need to build a positive brand image, strong identity, credibility, trust of your target audience, and whatnot. All of your questions can be answered in one single word, Logo.

The logo is a key to a business’s brand identity and it serves multiple purposes. While creating a logo for your small business, you must know what is right and wrong. So, read below to find out-

The Rights While Logo Designing For Small Business

Things mentioned below must be kept in mind while designing a perfect logo for your small business-

1.   Research your Target Audience

One of the main tasks of a logo is to attract the target audience. The logo design of small businesses should be creative and appealing to their specific target audience. You may like some particular designs or colors, but your target audience may not like them.

While designing a logo, define your target audience at first and research them. Find out their interests, hobbies, habits, and then design a logo that will suit their eyes.

You can try using social media platforms to find out more about your target audience. Study social media profiles to learn what type of content your audience wishes to engage in.

2.   Create Taglines Carefully

The tagline is a crucial part of logo design that showcases a brand’s personality. It is one of the elements of the logo that create the first impression in the viewer’s mind. The tagline of the logo must be short than the name of the business. It is necessary to avoid clutter and a crowded look. Also, choose thin fonts to attract more attention to the business name.

Taglines can be creative to show a brand’s true identity and communicate with the audience. It must be catchy, easy to remember, and not too complex. Brands such as Nike, McDonald’s, etc have successful and recognizable taglines.

What is Right and Wrong While Logo Designing for Small Business
What is Right and Wrong While Logo Designing for Small Business

3.   Simple Typography

Logos must be easy to read, recognize and memorize. If chosen font makes the logo hard to read and understand, then you need to make changes. The typography must be simple and easy to read without complicated and intricate fonts.

Fonts create a first impression on your audiences’ minds. So, whatever font you choose, it must create a positive and desired image. Whether you choose, strong and bold fonts, or playful sans serif fonts, it must be appealing enough to your target audience.

When logos are complex and hard to read, customers do not like to interact with the brand. You must get creative to create a logo that is easy to interpret by the masses.

4.   Choose Colors with Proper Thought

Similar to the way fonts create a first impression in viewer’s minds, colors tend to evoke different emotions. Psychology of color must be taken care of while logo design for small businesses.

Restaurants use yellow and red tones to evoke hunger among their customers while blue is a symbol of tranquility, peace, and calmness. So, social media platforms try using this color to display similar emotions.

Yellow evokes happiness and optimism while Green symbolizes a sense of nature and personal growth. Pink is a symbol of compassion and love while purple is royal and spiritual color.

5.   Scale your Logo

Scaling a logo is one of the most crucial and undeniable parts of logo designing. Your logo needs to be displayed on business cards, social media, websites, billboards, promotional products, products, and in many more places. During website design logo placing is very important in the home page.

No matter how much you increase or decrease the size of the logo, it must not deter its quality. Test your small business logo in different sizes to make sure.

The Wrongs While Logo Designing For Small Business

Here are the things that must be avoided while logo designing-

1.   Too Detailed Logo

Simplicity is the key always. Logos should not be too complex or hard to interpret. Keep them as simple as possible without any extra or unnecessary details.

Do not use too many colors or design elements to make it look creative or unique. Next, avoid using more than three fonts or too intricate or complex fonts. Adding too many elements to your logo will also affect scalability.

Logos need to be simple and without any clutter. It will display the emotions, values, and messages of the brand directly in front of viewers. Also, it is easy to memorize and recognize which builds trust.

2.   Be too Literal

Being too literal will generate a logo that is too easy to interpret and boring. The logo must have a little concept behind them that amazes your target audience. It must be original and creative too.

Literal logos can be very detailed, crowded, and distracting. Instead, it should be simple, eye-catching, and memorable.

3.   Follow Trends

Trends keep on changing with time and situations. If you follow trends and create a logo that is famous today but in the future, it might not look appealing to your audience.

Trends are of no use when it comes to branding and creating a logo. A logo should be timeless and should have an impact over years.

4.   Switchings Elements Up

You must not keep updating your small business logo every other year. Create a stable and strong logo, as it will be much more impactful. Changing the logo every now and then will deter customers and they might even not recognize your logo someday.

For instance, McDonald’s has used yellow arches consistently since 1961 and it is iconic.

5.   Copy Your Opponents

This is probably the worst step that you can take in your logo designing process. It is clear plagiarism and creates negative publicity. Also, people might confuse your brand with your opponents which will do you no good. It will only deter customers away. Also, you can even get into legal trouble because of this. Taking inspiration is acceptable but you must not imitate other brand’s logo designs.

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