YouTube Can Be the Best Social Media Platform to Gain Popularity and For Many Other Features! – See How?

Before going into the details, do you know what YouTube actually is? YouTube is a social media platform where you can watch, share, like, comment and even upload your own video there. You can get access to YouTube on tablets, laptops, PCs, or even via mobile phones. It offers so many benefits to its users as it offers so many features, which can be quite impressive. It is the free service that you use to reach maximum people from all over the world. You can discover new things n YouTube and follow people you love.

The best part about YouTube is that you can gain popularity because you can show your talent to other people. You can even earn money from YouTube by uploading videos, but only if the people like the video. Likes, comments, and subscribe are the most important things that a person has to keep in mind because then only they will be able to earn more. There are some people who may even Buy YouTube Likes so that more people will get attracted to your videos just because a lot of people have liked them.

Maine features of YouTube

People often love YouTube because it is free, and you can discover so many different things there. You can look for anything there, and you will get to see that. You can watch any type of videos such as comedy, hacks and many more things. Some of those features that you can experience there are mentioned below-

Search for and watch different videos

YouTube is a big platform where you can do many things; you can search for different videos and watch them there. The best part is you can see all types of videos; you can search the videos by their names, such as music videos, recipes, comedy videos, and many other things you can watch. Moreover, you can learn different things there by just watching the guide about that particular thing.

Create your channel

Another feature that you can experience from YouTube is creating your own channel, where you can upload the videos and show your talents to the other people out there. You can reach millions of people if you have the talent and people love your videos. It is kind of amazing that you can get these features and that also for free.

Upload videos

Once you have created your channel, the next thing that you can do is upload the videos on YouTube. Through this, you will be able to gain popularity among the people. The more likes, comments, and subscribers you will get, the more people can know you. Furthermore, once you get popular, you will earn a lot of money from that YouTube channel, which can be the best thing.

Create Playlists to maintain the videos 

If you want, you can even create a playlist to organize the videos that you love to watch and make a group of videos together. It will be best because you do not have to search for the videos again and again. When you create the playlist, you can just click on that and will get all that.

How to keep your children safe on YouTube?

There are some people, who have small kids, and they also know how to use YouTube, but there is some inappropriate content that you may get there, and you need to make sure that kids do not watch that. You may not keep an eye on the child every time, but you can do some things to keep them safe, and those points are mentioned below-

Manage the privacy setting

When a person uploads any video on YouTube, it is set to the public by default, and anyone can see that. If your child is small, they may upload some video that you are not supposed to, which might create a problem later. That is why you should manage the privacy setting so that even if the child uploads anything by mistake, it will not be shown to anyone except you.

Set up parental control

If you are a parent, then you can use the parental control setting, where you can set up the age of the child, and that will help you keep your children away from some stuff. It is important because if you do not do that, your child may watch something they should not.

Disable the comments on YouTube

If you want, you can also disable the comments from the videos, and you will not get to see those comments. People often buy YouTube Likes and comments to gain popularity, but sometimes that video is not good for your child, and if you disable the comment, it will not be shown to your child.

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