Yildiz Legacy HP – Reliability, Low Price, and Monobloc Design

The Yildiz Legacy HP 28-gauge 2-3/4 in OU Shotgun has an over-and-under style and features Grade II Turkish walnut stock and a mid-bead rear sight. The gun’s accuracy and reliability are outstanding. Here are some key points to consider when buying this shotgun. These include: Reliability, Low price, and Monobloc design.

High-performance shotgun

The Yildiz LEGACY HP is a high-performance shotgun with a 28-inch 7075-alloy barrel, single selective trigger, and a Grade II Turkish walnut stock. This gun also has a low recoil rating, which makes it a great choice for hunting or trap shooting. The Yildiz LEGACY HP also offers an excellent price-performance ratio.

The Yildiz brand has been a long-standing, respected name for shotguns in the United Kingdom. While not as well known as other manufacturers, this Turkish-made brand is renowned for its rigorous testing of both shotguns and cartridges. The Yildiz SPZ ME 12 gauge, for example, has undergone over 25,000 tests. A similar amount of testing is conducted on the Yildiz SPZ ME, a lightweight alloy action shotgun for adults and youth.

Affordable price

The Yildiz Legacy HP is a well-made, high-performance, over-under shotgun. It comes with a blued alloy barrel and a grade II Turkish walnut stock. The gun is equipped with a single-selective trigger and a fiber optic front sight. It also features a mid-bead rear sight and a manual safety. The Yildiz Legacy HP is priced affordably, despite its high quality.

Monobloc design

The Yildiz Legacy HP is an over/under shotgun with a 20-gauge barrel. Its features include a blued alloy barrel, a grade II Turkish walnut stock, and a 7075 aluminum alloy receiver. The monobloc design allows for a smooth transition between the front and rear sights. It also features a sprung extractor and a ventilated sight rib.

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The monobloc design is a striking visual element of the Yildiz legacy HP. Its barrel and receiver are both hand-polished, and the rifle has a smooth curve. The rifle’s trigger is a single selective trigger with minimal engraving. The safety catch is located on the top strap. A recoil-operated selector mechanism engages the barrel sear.


The Yildiz Legacy HP is a powerful over/under shotgun with a 28-inch 7075 alloy barrel and a single selective trigger. It also features a Grade II Turkish walnut stock and a mid-bead rear sight. It has an impressive performance to match its good looks. Let’s explore its features and reliability in more detail. We’ll also take a look at the warranty and performance of this firearm.

The Yildiz has a long history of manufacturing quality shotguns. Its action is CNC-machined and features a steel reinforcing piece on the breech face. It also does not have the typical trigger plate, and its top and bottom straps are traditional. That means that it is a solid, reliable shotgun. It has the reliability to last a lifetime.

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