10 Best Sans Serif Fonts You Can Use in Commercial Projects

Did you know that Helvetica is the world’s most used font? This simple sans serif font looks clean and professional, which is probably why so many people use it!

However, Helvetica is far from the only sans serif font out there. There are tons of other fantastic sans serif fonts that you can use to create professional-looking marketing materials.

If you’re interested in looking at a few other stylish sans serif fonts to add to your font collection, keep reading. Here are ten of our favorites.

  1. Helvetica

We’ve got to kick off our list with the world’s favorite font: Helvetica. Helvetica has a clean and confident look that’s highly presentable. Tons of companies around the world, including Lufthansa and Microsoft, use this font in their logos.

There are 34 different varieties of Helvetica, meaning you can really adapt it to your specific needs. Choose rounded styles or opt for more boxy looks. Whatever floats your boat, you’ll have what you need with Helvetica!

‍2. Futura

Futura is a historic font that first appeared back in 1928. The font was made in Germany but has quickly become a staple around the world.

Futura has a clean, simple, and timeless look that’s based on geometric shapes. That makes your text look simple and clean.

There are more than 20 versions of Futura out there. That means it’s a pretty versatile font that you can use in a number of different situations.

‍3. Codec

Another great sans serif font is Codec. Codec has a modern, attention-grabbing look that’s perfect for technology companies or businesses with a contemporary feel.

Codec is available in a cold version as well as a warm version. The cold version has crisp, fresh lines while the warm version features smoother curves.

Regardless of which you go for, Codec is a great sans serif font for standing out from the crowd.

‍4. Calibri

Calibri is a font that was originally designed by Microsoft. If you use Microsoft Office Suite, you’ll notice that Calibri is the font used on their products!

Calibri has a clean, business casual look. That makes it great for formatting documents such as memorandums, resumés, and more.

  1. Gilroy

Gilroy is an eye-catching, modern font that’s easy to read. What’s great about this font is that it comes in multiple languages, so you can explore several different alphabets.

There are twenty different weights and ten different italics that you can use with this font. Choose anything from extra light to extra bold versions of Gilroy to make your business materials stand out!

  1. Coco Sharp

Coco Sharp is another easy-to-read font. This geometric sans serif font was first created back in 2013, and was actually inspired by the designs of the luxury brand Coco Chanel!

Coco Sharp includes a basic sans serif skeleton that’s been enhanced with humanist proportions and visual corrections. The font has a warm, friendly feel that makes it look great on the screen.

If you choose to use this font, you’ll get to enjoy a range of different letterforms. That helps you express your business’s unique personality and mood!

  1. Montreux Sans Pro

Montreux Sans Pro is an ultra-versatile type of typography that comes in more than 130 variations! You can find super lightweight fonts as well as thick, bold, and dark designs.

Montreux Sans Pro is inspired by Swiss designs but adds its own unique spin to these classics. The Classic font is awesome for anyone who wants a simple sans-serif look, but you can take things to the next level by using the Grotesk version.

Another playful version is the Montreux Sans Jazz. This would be great for fun-loving lifestyle companies or for brands that want to take on a whimsical personality.

  1. Proxima Nova

If you want to manage your font collection by keeping it full of new, trendy fonts, Proxima Nova is a must-have. This font has risen to fame in recent years thanks to its formal and professional look.

Proxima Nova has a geometric appearance and comes in 48 different variations. All these fonts are Open Type and have plenty of character support, making them a great addition to your collection.

Proxima Nova is used by tons of popular companies around the world, too. You’ll find it in the Buzz Feed logo as well as in NBC News’s logo!

  1. Frutiger

Next up is Frutiger. Adrian Frutiger designed this font for use on signage and was originally used for signs in the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France.

Today, Frutiger is used in lots more applications than just one of Paris’s airports. Plus, it comes in 19 different styles, making it fairly versatile.

Frutiger is the inspiration for CNN News, eBay, and even Walt Disney. We’d say that makes it a pretty impressive font to add to your collection!

  1. FF DIN

FF DIN is a font that you’ll typically find in logos, posters, and packaging. The font has a minimalist look and delivers a confident, bold brand image.

The font was, in fact, once considered the official font of Germany. Germany knows a good font when they see one!

Find the Best Sans Serif Fonts

With this guide to sans serif fonts, you’ll have no problem picking great commercial use sans serif fonts. Whichever you pick, we’re confident it’ll make your company’s printed items look clean and professional!

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