Ten different types of pallets you should know

If you want to transport goods from one point to another, you’ll most likely need a pallet for the goods. Initially, when you mentioned a pallet, you referred to a wooden material used for goods transportation. But as time went by, different wooden materials were used for pallets, and other materials, including paper, were used for the product. Today, we have different types of pallets we can categorize. Some of the ten types are;

  • Metal pallets

Sometimes, the goods you want to transport may be bulky. As such, the pallet you’ll need has to be a strong and sturdy one. As a result, innovators created what we know as a metal pallet today. The main types of steel materials used to make a metal pallet are either aluminum or steel. By the way, check out this leading pallet supply company.

  • Plywood pallets

Because plywood is lightweight, many of us assume that it doesn’t have enough strength. However, plywood pallets have, over time, proven to have strength, as against the assumption. One advantage the plywood brings is its resistance to pest infections and other effects. However, over time, a plywood pallet may damage quickly.

  • Wood pallets

Wooden pallets are probably the most common pallet option across the globe. They offer you strength and durability, but depending on the type of wood, you may be battling pests within a short period. Mostly, the types of woods used for wood pallets are either hardwood or softwood.

Ten different types of pallets you should know
Ten different types of pallets you should know
  • Presswood pallet

Wood can sometimes be limiting in aesthetics and design; well, that’s where the innovation of pressed wood becomes useful. Presswood pallet comes from wood fiber that has passed through high heat. After heating the wood fiber, the wood is turned into a single piece under pressure. In the end, the pallet has a light weight like plastic pallets and the strength of a wooden pallet.

  • Plastic pallets

The best thing about choosing a plastic pallet is it never rots or undergoes infestation. With a plastic pallet, you have a stable pallet option and have a low maintenance cost. In most cases, you’ll have a lightweight pallet that you can use for a long time regardless of weather conditions.

  • Cardboard pallets

A cardboard pallet is a group of pallets, including paper, corrugate, and fibreboard. Because they’re made of paperlike materials, they are incredibly lightweight and are used to carry light materials. In most cases, paper pallets are made from recycled materials, so it’s easy to dispose of and recycle them.

  • Recycled wooden pallets

The same way paper pallets are recycled, some wood pallets are made from recycled materials. These types of pallets offer you flexibility in terms of dimensions, weight, and strength.

  • Stringer pallets

Regardless of the materials used to make a pallet, the design of the pallet matters. For Stringer pallets, a stringer is used to ensure the pallet has enough strength to support the load. The stringers are usually placed at the bottom and top of the pallet.

  • Block pallets

Another standard design of pallets is the block pallets. These types of designs are familiar with wooden and plastic pallet designs. For this pallet, you arrange between four and twelve woods in blocks to support the top arrangement. If you need a pallet for handling, these types are the best.

  • Open deck pallets

You can also classify pallets based on the entry point and deck behavior. While the most popular is the two-way deck and Four-way entry pallets, an open deck pallet is also a viable option.

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