Why Should You Take the GMAT Practice Test?

Several MBA applicants do not understand how to start their GMAT preparations, especially if they are taking the exam for the first time. Hence, most GMAT test-takers wonder which is the most effective way to start preparing for the GMAT. The answer to that is a GMAT practice test. In this article, we will talk about the benefits of taking a practice test or mock test before you start your GMAT preparations.

GMAT Practice Test

When you register for the GMAT test or purchase the Official GMAT Guide, you get access to a set of mock tests or GMAT practice tests. While these tests are an important way to test your knowledge on the basis of what you have prepared, it is strongly advisable to take one before you start your GMAT preparations. Before we begin to understand why you should be taking a mock test even before you have started your preparations, let us first examine the structure of the GMAT practice test.

The GMAT practice test, as the name suggests, is a test used to practise for the GMAT exam. This test imitates the exam-like scenario and questions that you will face on the test day. The practice test also includes all four sections of the GMAT exam and is timed for a duration of 3 hours and 7 minutes. You will have to attempt all the sections — analytical writing assessment, integrated reasoning, quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning.

Although the chances of you getting a similar question on your actual exam are less, the GMAT practice test helps you in multiple ways. Some of the advantages of taking a GMAT practise test are as follows:

Benefits of Taking a GMAT Practise Test

Analysis of Your Strengths and Weakness

Attempting the practice gives you an idea of the sections/questions that you are  weak and strong in. Once you know the areas that you lack in or are good at, you can practice accordingly and prepare for the exam.

Improves Your Time Management Skills

Since the practice test is timed like the actual exam, it becomes helpful for you to learn to pace through the test. Moreover, it helps you to overcome any nervousness that you may face on the test day.

Helps You Set Up a Plan to Achieve Your Goals

If you don’t start your GMAT preparations by taking the GMAT mock test, then you will never realise where you actually stand and what is your level of familiarity with the concepts of quant and verbal of the GMAT exam. Hence, taking a practice test helps you set up a plan in place with regards to your prep, so that you achieve your target score.

Know Where to Start

While we understand that taking a test without any preparation may seem daunting due to the obvious fact that you may or may not give your best. However, since it is only a practice test, it is advisable to take it so that you know where to start your preparation from. Based on the scores you receive, you will know whether to start your preparations from the quant section or the verbal and furthermore strategize your preparations.

All in all, taking the GMAT practice test will help you plan your preparation and give you an insight into the actual exam. To further enhance your practise, we recommend looking up for the GMAT Official Guide 2021 PDFfree downloadto begin your prep. Once you get an idea of the exam, you can even start purchasing other guides and books from the official website and elsewhere.

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