How Dental Implants can help you with missing teeth

If you have lost a tooth, a dental implant is the most effective and modern option to replace your tooth. According to Forbes, it is possible to have an implant placed immediately after a non-restorable tooth is extracted. Often, a tooth implant comprises a titanium implant, abutment, and crown. The titanium implant is surgically fastened to the jawbone. Then a custom-made crown is fitted into the abutment.

For that reason, dental implants are fixed in the jawbone, just like real teeth. As such, they are a long-term solution in replacing missing teeth. Furthermore, they do not affect the adjacent tooth.

Below are some ways implants can help you with missing teeth.

1.  Gives a Natural Appearance and Feel

If you have a missing tooth, you will find many options for tooth replacement. However, finding one that feels and functions naturally is not a walk in the park. Dental implants are the only one that perhaps works almost as real teeth would. The anchor, a titanium dental implant, is screwed into the jawbone. Then, a custom-made crown is laid on the abutment.

Dental crowns used are made of resilient porcelain. The porcelain dental crowns are designed to look and feel precisely like your regular teeth. As a result, nobody will ever suspect you have a dental implant.

The teeth implants are cone-shaped screws directly anchored into the jawbone. Hence, they are strong and steady. The abutment is attached to the flat portion of the implant, providing a surface for the crown. The tiny titanium screw of the implant works as the natural root and thus supports the new tooth. Remarkably, teeth implants do not need any specialized care.

How Dental Implants can help you with missing teeth
How Dental Implants can help you with missing teeth

2.  Teeth Implants are Sturdy and Efficient

Teeth implants are designed to ensure your replacement teeth are fixed to the jaw bone tightly. So, they offer the leading long-term solution in replacing lost teeth. The implant works nearly as the actual root would. The implant’s titanium screw gets bonded to the jaw bone in about 12 weeks. Consequently, it forms a firm footing upon which your customized crown will sit. The resulting structure is a dental implant that stays for a lifetime.

It is no different from natural teeth when it comes to taking care of your crown. Brush, floss, and wiggle with mouthwash to ensure the good health of your implant. Also, ensure to visit your dentist regularly without forgetting to observe a healthy diet. Though porcelain is resistant to cavities and infections, you should watch out for your gums.

3.  Eradicates Restrictions in Your Eating

Eating certain foods may be difficult if some of your teeth are missing. More so, those foods which are hard can be tough to chew. Therefore, only when your teeth are healthy will you bite with sufficient force to eat. If your teeth are missing or even damaged, you will have limitations regarding what you can or cannot eat. A dental implant is your perfect solution.

The teeth implants are firmly embedded in your jaw bone, thus your eating habits are not affected. If well fitted, implants feel like a set of flawless real teeth. With implants, you can enjoy eating your favorite food, whether tough or hard to chew. Ultimately, implants give back your bite just like natural teeth, if not better.

4.  Makes You Smile with Confidence

You dream of making that killer smile, then your teeth play a crucial role. If some of your teeth are missing some teeth, you will not have that self-confidence, and you may avoid smiling. Probably, you will fear revealing your damaged or missing teeth.

Nonetheless, with a dental implant, you will gain back your confidence. With no worries about your damaged teeth, you will make that brilliant smile. Furthermore, implants will make your replacement teeth nearly like the natural teeth. The custom-made crown is designed to emulate your real teeth.

Final Thoughts

Your teeth have many functions besides biting and chewing food. They are an aesthetic masterpiece making your smile stunning. Also, they are involved in speech and give shape to your face. So, if your teeth are missing or damaged, you will need to replace them. A dental implant stands out among other replacement options as it looks natural and lasts for a lifetime.

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