What is The Best Age to Start Skateboarding

You will hardly see an old person riding a skateboard! Skateboarding is one of the superfund games that usually youngsters like to opt for. Skateboarding involves a lot of energetic movement and a lot of fun tricks that go best if you have interest in this game as well.   If you want to give an electric skateboard to someone in your family for your upcoming birthday or to surprise one of your kids or friends it’s better to know what is the best age to start skateboarding! Let’s find out the ideal age for starting skateboarding

Best Age to Start Skateboarding

As mentioned above, skateboarding is an energetic game and its ride comes with a lot of movement that usually goes well for youngsters and kids. Therefore, the best age for starting skateboarding is 5 to 10 years. A kid of this age is also pretty adaptive and quite willing to learn new things. Therefore, it becomes easier to skateboard if the interest is not shaking.

So if your kid is eager and interested to learn the cool trick and riding of a skateboard, 5 to 10 years of age comes as a prime time for learning this skill. However kids who are below 5-years of age may have difficulty to maintain balance and therefore it is not recommended for little kids.

It is also important to note that if your kid is eager to learn about skateboard riding only then you should teach it. Maintaining balance on the board for kids can be challenging so they might leave the learning and end up frustrated. It is important to be patient and guide them through the process of learning the skill.

If your kid is below 5-years of age, you should not let him/her ride a skateboard.

Moreover, it is also important to choose the board carefully for kids and make sure its quality. There are many trustworthy names for skateboards such as voeep and you should definitely check out their deals at voeep.com!

 Can a kid learn skateboarding?

Young kinds are mostly active and they can learn skateboarding tricks skillfully. However it is important that the kids are guided by the adult supervision to make sure safety and any possible assistance. Given that, there are some of the strict rules that you should abide by when training the kid for skateboarding.

  •         Make sure the kid has worn safety equipment like knee pads, helmet, and elbow pads
  •         Get a quality made skateboard that is durable enough to hold the kid’s weight
  •         Always choose the closed area that has no rush or traffic incoming. Preferably when you are teaching your kid about skateboarding, you opt for skateboard dedicated place that has smooth ground riding
  •         The area where the kid is practicing skateboarding consists of a smooth surface concrete, BB-courts, slick asphalt for enhances safety and minimal injury possibilities
  •         If you are teaching your kid how to ride on a skateboard on a rough or open road area, make sure to clear the way from hurdles that also include, pebbles, bush, glass or any pointy objects, water or spill and any other such thing that can becomes a cause of fall

What is the best skateboard for kids?

There are many types of skateboard including the electric version. However for kids who are 5 years of age, the ideal boards are

  •         The Arbor Pocket Rocket with bigger wheels and portability ensured
  •         Santa Cruz complete skateboard with softer and wide wheels
  •         Powell Peralta Golden Dragon, an affordable choice for kids with 10 years of age

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