How do i win a bet Every time?

I loose Bet everyday? Why me? Most people ask this question that Why do I Bet? Is it to make profit or to make loss? What is willing happening to all my friends are winning but any time try or a place a bet I lose. Is there any secret on on their winning they want to tell me or I do not have betting luck? Should I quit or continue lose everyday? Well, in this tutorial we will show you how to solve your problem and every day like your friends or even win more.

Use your deep statistics:

There are two tools that many betters use which help you to get yourself winning answers and tickets daily.

  • Sofa Scores:

The first tool is Sofa score mobile application ทีเด็ดบอล วันนี้. Most people have Sofa score installed on there smartphones and  computers but they do not know how to use it effectively. People use it just to check match fixtures and monitor live scores but with this app it goes beyond. The app is best and useful tool for betting. Aside the live score the app is suitable for checking matched statistics and odds of teams or match gives extra and deep preview, enjoyed updates, head to head streaks, team stats and featured players which is based on performance in the last matches. The app also tells details about the referee, name, average card, managers, head to head live chat room, winning and losing voting.

The factors consider when using this application sofa scores in order to get your winning odds:

  • Line up and missing players features on sofa scores this feature is useful and you should consider most when betting. Knowing the lineup and the updates on players conditions boost winning rate of a certain team. It also plays an important role in betting. It is important to know the line of teams or players condition for betting. It is easy to identify the missing or injured players with this app.
  • Voting poll features enables all users to vote based on the team ability to win on their performance. The feature is helpful because most peoples who have researched about the match. The percentage will also tell you which team will likely win or loose.
  • Live chat room forum is one of the favorite features of sofa scores mobile application . the feature helps with so many ways that if there is match coming on. One crazy thing is about live chat room forum is that people with real fixed matches also sometimes share on the platform for free.


In a nutshell, it is imperative to search it deeply about the game on all platform and than bet according to the situation. It is not necessary to win all the bet that you made but sometimes if you loose do keep this thing in mind that next time made complete research and than bet. We have mentioned above the application which will help you to win the bet everytime.

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