Top 4 Reasons to choose QuickBooks Pro Hosting for your business

If you’re like many SMBs, you probably depend on QB software to process payments, print cheques, and even check your clients’ credit card information. You’re not alone. Recent statistics show that QB is the favored accounting software for more than 29 million small firms in the US alone. You’ve probably installed QuickBooks on an on-premises server or PC and in your office. Hosting QuickBooks Pro gives you a lot more advantages than QuickBooks Online. The QuickBooks Pro hosting solution eases your manual workload of making backups by providing an automatic backup facility. The QB Pro hosting provider maintains a backup of your data at different locations so that they can be ready to deal with the worst-case scenario. Even the location of those backups is intact with bank-level security and that’s how you get the facility of a high-class backup policy.

  1. User experience

If you’ve been working with QB for a while, you’ve grown accustomed to using the same features to manage and pay your bills, generate your invoices, create purchase orders or even track your inventory. Moving to a hosted QuickBooks solution won’t change that and you won’t have to learn how to use different features or find new ways to deal with services that aren’t offered on QBO. The features you use today in your desktop version will be the same in your QuickBooks Pro hosting solution available on your remote desktop!

  1. Support

When you buy new software, you want to be sure you can get technical support any time you need it, even if that means outside regular office hours. When you host your solution in the cloud, you get technical support for your infrastructure 24/7/365 by phone, chat, or email. Some providers also offer Managed Services, which implies you don’t have to lift a finger. Issues like technical support and security updates are handled by the QuickBooks Pro Hosting provider.

  1. Access

One of the advantages of using a hosted solution for QuickBooks Pro is that you can access all your files from anywhere at any time and on any device with the help of DaaS Solutions. This means your accountant can print cheques on a Saturday morning without setting foot in the office. If you want to give access to more people, you’ll have to upgrade to a more advanced plan and more features indicate a higher monthly payment. Hosting QuickBooks in the cloud will let you control who can view sensitive documents or files.

  1. Basic accounting functions

As we mentioned earlier, you probably depend on QB for standard accounting functions, such as managing and spending bills, processing your payroll, and creating and sending purchase orders. Does your business have to track and handle inventory or track international sales and expenses in several currencies? None of these features are included in the primary plan offered by QBO. However, if you opt for Hosted QB, all of these features are included.


QuickBooks Pro hosting appears as a strong opportunity for small and mid-sized businesses to manage their accounting requirements. Apps4Rent is an intuit certified QuickBooks Pro hosting provider which serves thousands of customers across the United States. They also specialize in providing IT consultation to firms that require help in migration services like the process to Migrate from Google Drive to OneDrive into business processes.

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