PTCL Duplicate Bill Online Print Free Download 2022

Find the ptcl invoice online at It’s a no-cost service site where you can create PTCL duplicate bills and download a copy for free. If you’d like to print out your most recent bill, you are able to print it here. To view the complete bill from ptcl you will need the phone number and account ID. Please enter your phone number as well as account ID into the fields below to view your current ptcl online bill:

For printing the invoice, simply click on the Print Bill link, and then select the printer icon on the upper right side to activate your print process. You must ensure that a printer is connected to your computer to receive the print copy. Refer to the image below for more information on how you can print your PTCL bill online:

Print PTCL bills

Account IDs can be obtained from any old copy of your bill. It’s typically a 10- digit number that is located in the upper right-hand corner of your bill. Account ID is required to print a PTCL online bill, but in the event that you don’t have an account ID, it is still possible to check your current bill amounts by entering the phone number below. You can enter your account ID as well as your phone number above to see your current bill for February 2022 or the final month of January 2022.

It is obvious that everyone has his own number, but that isn’t enough to receive an additional bill from PTCL. It is essential to be able to prove your account ID since you cannot access details about your bill without it. Refer to the image below if you are unsure where to locate your account ID:

Check Online Bill

How you can get PTCL duplicate bills?

When you are checking the ptcl bill Make sure you do not enter the phone number in conjunction with an area code. However, it must be entered with no area code.

It is not possible to check your ptcl bills online using nic numbers however, if you’re not sure of your number and/or account ID, you can phone the helpline for ptcl and inquire what’s the number and account ID that is associated with your CNIC.

You can also apply for the e-bill of PTCL. Fill out the form for registering for the bill here.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is known as Pakistan’s most reputable leading Internet as well as Landline service provider. Large stakes in PTCL are owned by the Government of Pakistan. In addition to shares, it works under the direction of PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority).

PTCL offers a broad range of broadband, dial-up TV, and telephone solutions that are efficient and cost-effective solutions across Pakistan. All PTCL customers can pay their bills online, and also receive an actual copy of their bill at their home and commercial address. is a useful website that lets you review your bill’s amount before you pay (just prior to the time that your bill arrives at your door) and prepare for the payment in advance of the deadline.

If you’re moving to a new address within that same city, and you want your ptcl connection to be moved towards the address you are moving to it is possible to do this by calling the helpline of ptcl and letting them know that you’re moving your address but would like to keep the PTCL connection. The company will forward a related person to set up a PTCL connection at the new address.

If you’re a PTCL broadband customer and have lost your invoice, easily generate it here and print it to pay at any branch of a bank. Please contact us with any concerns regarding your ptcl broadband or bill from bb.

Check the PTCL status of your bill to determine whether your bill was paid or not. You can verify the status of your payment using either a phone number the area code or by identifying your account number. If you’ve got any of these then you can check your status by clicking here.

PTCL customers can view the latest bills at the official site ( as well as the method to examine your bill online (bill check karnekatarika) is easy and works with any device. You can look up your ptcl wifi bill from your mobile as well as on your desktop computer or another device that is able to browse the internet.

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