10 most important criteria in buying a T-shirt

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Most important criteria in buying a Jesus T-shirt

I’m sure that people I know have the T-shirt story of their own or a favorite T-shirt, and an associated story behind it. Even your T-shirt will be a source of information – an extremely fascinating tale of an underdog that started in underwear, but ascending to fame as a sought-after outerwear which is what blockbuster films are made out of.

A T-shirt can be adapted to any circumstance whether it’s a political gathering or disco, or even as a uniform for a company The versatility of a t-shirt requires to be praised. A low-cost, high-quality T-shirt is an essential piece of outfit for many people across the globe.

However, not all jesus t shirt can be created equal. Certain are better to others. But how to recognize these distinctions – What are the things to look for when purchasing T-shirts? This article will explore these simple, yet effective elements.

There are sixteen different designs of t-shirts as well as their most famous names in this post.

Buy T-shirts – Pass the test with 9 criteria

Fabric type

Printed Designs

Size & Fit



Cut of the T-shirt & Styles

Color of the t-shirt

Quality of Fabric – Construction, shrinkage, Pilling and Color fade

Sewing construction

Care Label

1 Type of fabric                                                                                       

Selecting the right T-shirt in line with the fabric as well as the fiber content is the first item on my list of considerations.

T-shirt fabrics are typically 100 100% cotton or a mixture of synthetic fibers and cotton or 100 100% Polyester or a blend with synthetic fiber, cotton , and rayon for t-shirts that are thinner and less expensive it is recommended to use a jersey fabric and for t-shirts with more bulk, it is advisable to use a sweatshirt to make more drapey and expensive t-shirts, an interlock fabric is utilized. Cotton spandex is also utilized to make elastic T-shirts.

Interlock knit (double-knit fabric) is extremely robust and won’t be prone to curling like a t-shirt made of jersey knit will. Jersey fabric is more thin and not as robust.

How can you know if your fabric is interlock fabric or jersey material? or jersey fabric? Interlock has two series of knitted loops for each course, whereas knit fabric will have only one set of loops. Interlock fabric will appear similar on both sides of the fabric. However, jersey fabric can look different from the front and back If you examine it carefully.

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Your level of comfort in the event that this is one of your priorities, could be contingent on the fabric that your shirt is made of and it will also depend on the location you are wearing your t-shirt.

A 100 percent cotton fabric is an essential fabric for a T-shirt that is worn in hot temperatures. However, if you’re planning into an air-conditioned room, regardless of whether you reside in a tropical area, it is not a matter of whether the t-shirt you are wearing is made of Polyester fibers or other synthetic fibers that are mixed with those of cotton. You may even prefer the synthetic fibers due to the other advantages they offer such as more colorfastness, less shrinkage following a washing, stability in wrinkle resistance, and ease of maintenance.

The cotton fibers provide the shirt comfort and water-repelling properties. The Cotton ring spun shirt is the most comfortable and durable as well as light-weight so if you are looking for these kinds of t-shirts then check them out. Combed cotton is a different superior cotton variety.

A mix of polyester and cotton makes t-shirt fabrics more easy to clean and last longer as compared to cotton. A blend of rayon-polyester-cotton makes the t- shirt fabric the softest and very comfortable to wear. These kinds of T-shirts (50 percent polyester, 25 percent ring-spun cotton, and 25 percent rayon) are known as tri-blend t-shirts. They are regarded as very good since they feature the great characteristics of each of these fibers: the strength that polyester offers, the absorption as well as the comfort and softness of cotton as well as the drape and softness of rayon.

T-shirts made of 100% polyester aren’t the most comfortable for day daily wear however they are perfect for sports activities because they are light and elastic ( perhaps with Lycra) and wicks away sweat from your body, and then transports it to the surface , where it evaporates. This isn’t the case with cotton. It is true that cotton, while it holds sweat remains damp for longer. Polyester t-shirts dry quickly. If you’re sweating in the field, you don’t want anything to do with the wet sensation around your body.

Another important factor is transparency. is it possible to be able to see through the material?.

2 Printed Designs

The designs on the t-shirt may be more important than the type of fabric or anything else. The art, cool words and quotes on front of the t-shirt are what draw you towards one in the first place , and the other factors can fade and disappear if you’ve become enthralled by one. The above T-shirt is worth its weight in gold for my husband.

3 Size & Fit

I read about an increasing trend of women who go to the teens section. It was said that those extremely small clothes made them appear more fit or whatever. Size and fit are essential for some people more than other. If you are in the latter group, simply choose a dress in the same size as the one you wear all the time.

You can also go to the store and test the items one at a time. However, this isn’t a good idea when you purchase on the internet. The sizes will differ between brands. It is best to use an measuring tape and measure the width of your shoulders and chest size. Then, double-check the chart of measurements for every brand.

Another thing to consider is that the shrinkage of cotton, therefore the t-shirt that has more cotton fibers is likely to require an extra size to allow for shrinkage in the future.

When measuring chest size take a measurement around the largest part of the chest below the armpits, keeping the tape flat over the entire back.

General sizes of T-shirts for males.

Chest size 76/79 cms ( 30-31 inches) Size XS

Chest 80-88 cms ( 32-34 inches) S ( identical to 36” shirts)

Chest: 89/97 cm ( 35-38 inches) M ( identical to 38” shirts)

Chest size 98/106 cms ( 39-42 inches) L ( the same as an 40” shirt)

Chest size 107/115cms ( 42-45 inch) (42-45 inches) ( similar to the 42” t-shirt)

Chest: 116/124 cms ( 46-49 inches) (46-49 inches) XXL ( similar to an 44” shirt)

Chest: 125/133 cms ( 49-52 inches) – – XXXL ( similar to the 46” shirt)

T-shirt sizes for women

Chest 30-32 inches S

Chest 34-36 inches – S

Chest 38-40 inch – M

Chest 42-44 inch L

Chest 46-48 inches – Large

Chest 50-52 inch Chest 50-52 inch XXL

Chest 54-56 inches – Chest 54 – 56 inch XXXL

4 Occasion

I’m talking about the motive behind wearing the same t-shirt, but it is not the only reason why you should consider the event. It is not common to be wearing t-shirts to formal functions. However, if you do wear one, the occasion is crucial. A workout or playing football, or going out with friends are all different and require distinct requirements.

For sporting activities, you’ll need T-shirts that disperse sweat in a quick drying manner. 100% Polyester with these characteristics is utilized for Football Jersey t-shirts. If you want to relax in your home it might be uncomfortable, but you’ll be more comfortable in a shirt composed of natural fibers. For winter-time outings, you require an oversized t-shirt with a long sleeves or maybe an hoodie, or you could be layered with more than one shirt.

5 Price

This is a crucial factor, but it is a personal one. It is important to buy only the most you can pay for. Nothing else to add.

6 Cut of the T-shirt & Styles

The most well-known style of t-shirts has the crew neck and short sleeves. However, it’s not just a stop there. There are many kinds of t-shirts, and a variety of ways to wear them, including stacking a variety of t-shirts one over the other . These are based on the trends of the day and your personal fashion sense.

7 Color of the t-shirt

It’s all based on your personal preferences – and there are many other factors such as the most effective combinations of colors in accordance with the color wheel, and others that are discussed in this article about selecting the most appropriate color for your clothing.

  1. Fabric Quality construction shrinkage, pilling and color fade

T-shirt that is an unimaginably wide crop top after just one wash is the nightmare and the reality of some T-shirts you purchase.

It’s a typical issue that you will encounter when washing the new t-shirt. It begins to get longer and wider. This is typically because of a defect in the construction of the knit fabric and the fibers that are stretched already after washing are re-arranged to their original position , making the garment smaller and more wide.

Also, take note of the structure of the fabric when purchasing T-shirts. The knitting is supposed to be a little loose and circular in form and not stretched too much. If it’s not evenly knit, this could be an indication of poor construction. Holes may develop after some time.

Be aware that cotton fibers are susceptible to shrinkage. So your 100% cotton is likely to shrink significantly larger than an polyester blended one . If the cotton item does not have a preshrunk label and you are looking for a bigger size, go with a larger one.

Another issue is stretching in specific areas, like neckline, armscye, etc. Top quality shirts will have a stay tape on the neckline to prevent stretching too much.

Shrinkage and overstretching are dependent on the fabric’s structure in the first place , but can be avoided to a certain extent if you take steps when caring for your clothing. Find out more information on how to prevent shrinkage here.

If you are buying t-shirts constructed of cotton , choose one using long staple cotton fibers They will not pill more than other.

Regarding colorfastness, my recommendation is to purchase from well-known brands.

The shirt did not show any get soiled when washed, despite my being pretty sure that it would due to the vibrant shades ( as it typically happens with cheap T-shirts).

In terms of the quality of the fabric, 180 grams is the minimum you should find in a high quality T-shirt.

9 Construction of sewing

This is an extremely important factor to be aware of as a badly constructed t-shirt may create a distorted shape, and it can hang over on your physique in wrong ways. The neckband must lie flat and not be twisted. The sleeve hems as well as the body hem will be stretched when you wear a poor quality T-shirt. If the t-shirt appears to be twisted in the store, it is likely that they will be twisted in your home as well.

10 Care Label

Although it is true that sequins’ spelling might be completely wrong, this label on a T-shirt does instruct you on how to care for it correctly. There are other information that the label of the garment might inform you.

Fabric fiber percentage If you see 50/50 in the text, it’s an equivalence of 50 % of polyester and 50 percent cotton, or an artificial fabric.

If there is reference to Gsm it means the weight of the fabric.

The weight of the fabric Weight of the fabric is typically regarded as a sign of strength. It is believed that a 180-200 grams is the ideal weight for a t-shirt with a substantial weight as well. 130-160 grams is acceptable for a medium-weight good quality T-shirt. Typically, this is stated in the label for care. The heavier t-shirts shrink less than lighter t-shirts.

Maintenance of the fabric The amount of shrinkage, colorfastness, etc . will be mentioned on the care label in a clear manner. If you have a active lifestyle and would like to use the most time with the care and pressing of your many t-shirts, you’ll prefer blended t-shirts instead of pure cotton ones, which are prone to wrinkle following washes.

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