Pros and Cons of Flat Roofs that the owners and builders need to consider

In today’s scenario, builders and owners are considering flat roofs more than the sloped ones due to their aesthetically attractive features. This is happening because flat roofs propose more benefits. Although flat roofs have their own disadvantages as compared to sloped roofs, yet they are considered a lot nowadays, due to their functional features. Flat roofs are adaptable and their maintenance is simple. In spite of all the advantages, disadvantages of flat roofs should also be considered wisely while choosing it for your home or building. 

A flat roof can create big issues if you have not hired a professional contractor or roof builder. Here in this article, we will try to give as much information as possible, so that you can take beneficial and better decisions for your home and building. Following are the advantages and disadvantages of flat roofs that you should consider before making the ultimate choice.

Pros and Cons of Flat Roofs

First, we will tell you about the advantages of flat roofs.

Advantages of Flat Roofs

  • Lower construction cost

The first and foremost advantage of flat roofs is their cost. The construction cost of flat roofs is much lower as compared to the traditional sloped roofs. Flat roofs also take less space than sloped roofs. That is the actual reason why their cost is also less. Less space means less material requirement and as a result, less cost as well. The maintenance and repair cost of flat roofs is also less.

  • More Space for a Variety of Tasks  

Having a flat roof means that you have got some more space to perform various tasks on your roof. This extra space could be utilized either for some storage or some other activities as well. Building or home owners become very much pleased when they find out that they have extra this space for their various tasks or storage purpose.

  • Space for Rooftop Garden

As the size of homes is decreasing day by day, a flat roof in a home or building is a blessing for many home owners. Rooftop gardens are a top trend now a day. Many home owners, who have not much space to make a garden on their ground floor, consider it very obliging to have a flat roof.  They can easily build a beautiful rooftop garden. 

  • Space for Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels are becoming a basic necessity with every passing day. Energy requirements of the world are increasing day by day, so does the need for solar panels. The solar panel system requires a flat roof installation properly. It can also be installed on a sloped roof but then the panel’s angles will not be in line with the sunbeams and you will not get the most out of your panel. Therefore, a flat roof is recommended for the solar panels.

 Disadvantages of Flat Roofs

  • Water Drainage Issues

Pitched or sloped roofs are considered best when it comes to proper water drainage. In contrast, flat roofs have got water drainage issues. Even a light rain can cause standing water on a flat roof that needs proper attention and drainage system to avoid roof damage from the standing water.

  • Early Roof Replacement Needed

There is an eminent chance that your flat roof needs early replacement as compared to a sloped or pitched roof. Sloped roofs last nearly 20 years with proper care and maintenance. On the other hand, flat roofs need replacement after nearly 10 years. This is also a reason due to which many home owners or builders consider the option of sloped roofs as compared to the flat ones. This is considered to be a major drawback of flat roofs.

  • Less Eye-catching and Less Trendy

If you are an aesthetic person and you are more towards style and design, then flat roof is not your type. Flat roofs do not have eye catching structures. Also they have limited options to style with.

  • Rooftop Garden can Become Problematic 

Although rooftop garden is a very artistic selection and propose many benefits, it can lead to many major problems and issues with the passage of time. The plants of your rooftop garden can grow roots into your roof. This can be very problematic as the invading plant roots can ultimately lead to leaking issues and moisture inside the roof.

Take the Final Step with Care

Flat roofs are a good choice to be made with solar panel installation. They propose many potential benefits as described above. But flat roofs require more consideration and concern and also require the right builder who can make a faultless flat roof. Consider the above-mentioned points first before taking a decision of which type of roof you want for your home or building!!!

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