How to Get Turkish Citizenship

If you’re wondering how to get Turkish citizenship, you’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are interested in this program. It can boost your real estate and business in Turkey. To apply, you need to invest approximately 250,000 US dollars or an equivalent amount in Turkish Lira. Once you have your citizenship, you can even get citizenship for your family members. The process is simple, but you will have to commit to not selling your property for three years. Once you have the citizenship, you’ll be able to use it for whatever you want.

How to Get Turkish Citizenship

One of the best answers to the question of how to get Turkish citizenship is undoubtedly to invest in real estate. Thanks to real estate investments, people can easily become Turkish citizens. Of course, there are many ways to become a Turkish citizen. However, the most popular way lately is to invest in real estate.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate is not included in the Turkish citizenship law. However, these laws are included in the regulations. Due to the changes made in 2018, it became very easy to become a Turkish citizen by investing in real estate.

By purchasing a property worth 250 thousand dollars, people gain the right to apply for Turkish citizenship. However, it would not be correct to say that people who make this investment can be Turkish citizens. After the application is made, all necessary examinations are made about the person. Turkish citizenship is not granted if it is not deemed appropriate. Noor Aljorany supports people who make real estate investments throughout the citizenship process.

Documents Required to Obtain Turkish Citizenship

In addition to the question of how to get Turkish citizenship, the documents required for application are very important. Persons who will apply for citizenship must complete the documents and submit them to the necessary institutions. Otherwise, the application is not accepted, and the process does not start in any way. How to get Turkish citizenship and application documents:

  • One of the ways to get Turkish citizenship is to invest in real estate.
  • Application form
  • Identity document from country
  • Identity of spouse and children over 18 years of age
  • Passport photos of family members
  • Divorce certificate if the applicant is divorced
  • If the spouse has passed away, the document regarding this
  • If there is a Turkish citizen in his family, a document regarding this
  • Receipt of payment deposited for application

Applications are made with the mentioned documents. For detailed information don’t forget to visit


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