How to get a job in New Zealand?

Do you want to learn English, meet new people, immerse yourself in an amazing culture and still earn extra money with an international experience? In order to achieve all this, the answer is only one: travel to New Zealand!

In recent years, the country has emerged as one of the most sought after nations by young people who want to study abroad, due to the high quality study options and, mainly, the job opportunities for international students. In this article, we will give you tips to get a job in New Zealand, from the type of visa to work, to amazing websites that will bring you closer to your dream. Follow up!

What visa do I need to work in New Zealand?

You are determined to live an amazing experience in New Zealand and want to take the opportunity to work and save money while you are there, right? So, before you even know more details about how to get a fantastic job, it’s important to plan with your visa so you don’t get tangled up in the application process!

Student visa and Working Holiday Visa are the two most viable options for those who want to earn money in the country.

To obtain a work permit student visa, you must enroll in a course of at least 14 weeks duration at an NZQA rated Category 1 school. If you are going to study at a Category 2 institution, you will need to take a course of at least 24 weeks and have an IELTS score of at least 5.0. In both cases, you will be allowed to work legally for up to 20 weeks.

The New Zealand work and vacation visa allows the traveler to work legally in the country for up to 1 year without limitation of hours. However, you cannot work more than 3 months with each employer. In addition, this visa allows you to study for up to 6 months.

You must be between the ages of 18 and 30 to apply for one of the 300 Working Holiday Visa slots that the New Zealand Department of Immigration makes available to international travelers each year.

After the visa, what to do before looking for a job?

Now that you have your visa and work permit in hand, what else do you need to do to work in New Zealand?

New Zealand employers will ask for your IRD (Inland Revenue Department) number to formalize your employment. This document allows the company to collect taxes on your salary. On the official website, you can learn everything you need to know about this documentation.

Other than that, it’s always a good idea to open a local bank account to receive your payment! Institutions such as Kiwibank, ANZ and ASB are excellent options for international students who want to have less bureaucracy and more agility when it comes to having a savings or checking account in New Zealand. These banks offer basic account options with no fees or reduced fees for students. Now learn details about where to look for a job abroad.

What are the best job sites in New Zealand?

Having a professional experience abroad is a dream of many young people! But what you don’t know is that this is very easy, as there are several options for temporary work in New Zealand, including some for which it is not necessary to speak fluent English.

The first thing to do when looking for a job in New Zealand is to turn to technology, as there are specific websites where you can follow the main open positions in real time.

There are several websites specializing in the dissemination of temporary vacancies and functions that perfectly fit the work possibilities of international students. Keep an eye out for sites like Seasonal Work and Seasonal Jobs, which are focused on people looking for opportunities to earn extra money in the country.

The areas that need temporary professionals are many and range from tourism to agriculture. In addition, a tip for you to know better the professional demand of each region of New Zealand is to consult the site Pick NZ, which gives tips on the job market in different New Zealand cities.

In April 2017, a new New Zealand minimum wage of NZ$15.75 per hour was set. Informal and service jobs, which are highly sought after by international students, usually pay between NZ$ 15.75 and NZ$ 20.00 per hour, allowing the student to cover their main expenses for staying in the country with the value earned in 20 hours of work per week.

Where to look for jobs in the service sector?

Are you interested in the service sector? There are websites for those who want to work in bars, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and various stores. Keep an eye out for Trade Me, which is very common among Kiwis and allows the candidate to filter the role by categories such as salary amount.

And it doesn’t stop there: you can also join Facebook groups. On the social network, there are from communities of people looking for a job in New Zealand to pages (such as Auckland Jobs), for those who want to be hired quickly.

Options for specialized job vacancies.

If you are already fluent in the language, have a qualification and are looking for job opportunities in your area, you can check on this official government website to see if the profession is on the rise in the country! So, if that’s your case, keep checking out recruitment platforms like New Kiwis, Working in New Zealand and Work Here, which are focused on foreigners and offer the most in-demand professions.

Another option for those looking to get a job in their field of education is to use the Careers NZ website, which has an up-to-date list of organizations that are looking for professionals from different areas of the market (such as human resources, marketing, engineering and IT) to develop the economy sector.

Other ways to find your job in New Zealand.

However, don’t think that the internet is the only way to find your job in New Zealand. The most traditional job search method should not be neglected in the country: hand in your printed resume at the establishments! In New Zealand, many companies put up posters on the streets looking for new employees and you will see that many friends on your exchange get jobs by going door to door. You can also contact the companies by email or SMS.

In addition, schools often help students find work in the country by posting job openings on their boards and social networks. Some even offer support in the elaboration of your resume and also preparation for interviews and small practical training in some of the most common functions among students.

you learned about work permit visas and websites for those looking to work in the service sector. In addition, he learned about essential tips for a professional in the land of the Kiwis, such as opening a local bank account.

Okay, now you know all the tips to get your job and have an amazing experience in New Zealand! So, what are you waiting for to pack your bags and make your dream come true, international student?

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