Feranoid’s Collection of Cotton Shirts is All You Need for Classy Corporate Looks

As we all know our first impression lasts longer on a person’s mind than any other. And, having a classy corporate look shows your dedication, attitude and style at your workplace. Your personality seems to be more professional and confident. However, cotton shirts have also become the daily essentials in every man’s wardrobe and are not limited to the workplace. As you can wear them to parties, movie nights, get togethers etc. Also with time, a wide collection of shirts with different colors and patterns has occupied the online market. Although, till date the most preferred formal shirts by men are the plain blue, white and pink. 

You can win the world’s biggest deals by wearing the right outfit and feeling confident. Thus, choosing the right shirt is extremely important. There are various formal shirts on online platforms like Slim fit shirts, straight point collar shirts, band collar shirts, front pockets, no pleats shirts etc. from which you can choose your favourite ones. 

Buy Latest Style Shirts on Feranoid Online Store

Cotton Shirt for Men

Feranoid is a leading name in the men’s fashion world in today’s time. As they have a unique and classy online collection of shirts and t-shirts for men. Whether you choose to buy a plain, floral or a printed cotton shirt, Feranoid has the latest collection for all. All the shirts are curated using pure cotton thread in the premium quality segments. These shirts will surely give one a classy, rich and sophisticated look. 

It is so easy and convenient for everyone to buy a shirt online these days. All you have to do is to go to the official website of Feranoid. Choose your favourite color, style and fabric. You definitely will not be disappointed by our quality and products for sure. 

If you are looking for a formal corporate look; you can choose from the plain cotton shirt collection of Feranoid. However, if you want a cool and funky vibe; you should definitely go to the printed and floral patterned shirts; which can make you look hunky, quirky and sophisticated. 

What Makes Feranoid’s Shirts Special?

The shirts of Feranoid are so special; as all of them are curated in 100 percent cotton fabric, they have a soft touch and are classy to wear. Also, shirts definitely make men more attractive; which is proven by a real time research conducted by Nottingham Trent University. 

You can choose your favourite printed, plain or handblock print from Feranoid. Some of the unique features of shirts from Feranoid, which makes them stand out from others are as following-

  1. The 100 percent cotton fabric of the shirts of Feranoid, makes them ideal to be worn on a casual or formal occasion. 
  2. These cotton shirts are easy to maintain, and do not require a dry clean every time. Just a clean wash is enough for them to make them look as new as they looked at the time of buying. 
  3. The colour, pattern and the handblock prints, do not fade away with time and fretain for a longer duration of time. Just make sure that you do not dry them under direct sunlight; as it might be a cause of early fading of your shirts. 
  4. Your shirts are pre washed, and thus they do not resize or shrink with wash. 
  5. Feranoid gives huge discounts on bulk orders. Also you can get upto 70 percent discount during festival season. So make sure you subscribe to their social media pages. 
  6. Feranoid has an easy return and hassle free exchange policy. Just make sure to keep the original bills, and make sure the shirt is not damaged or used at the time of its pickup. As it could delay the further processing. 
  7. You can get customised shirts, exactly according to your favourite pattern and size. 

How to Find The Perfect Shirt For You?

Cotton Shirts for Men

Just make sure you follow the following rules while you buy a shirt for yourself. And then you are good to go and rule the world. 

  1. Pattern- If you are buying a shirt for a beachy vacation, a party or for an informal occasion you can choose a patterned or a floral shirt. However, if you are buying a shirt for formal meets choose a plain cotton shirt. 
  2. Color- Choose a shade according to your likeness and skin tone. You can choose from the Feranoid’s bright shades of reds, yellow’s or can go for some peachy and pastel shades. Just be clear of what you want. 
  3. Sleeves- It is very important to choose the right sleeve size. You can choose from a half sleeve or a full sleeve pattern for yourself. 
  4. Fit- Choose a shirt according to your fit and size. Don’t go for an oversized size or a small sized shirt. 
  5. Occasion- Shop according to the occasion; like if you want a shirt for marriage, office meeting, for a gift and then buy accordingly. 
  6. Fabric- Although, cotton fabric shirts are timeless and preferred by everyone. However, you can choose from the fabric options available like linen, polyester, etc on Feranoid online store. 

Take Away- 

Shirts are the staples of every men’s wardrobe. So if you want to buy high-quality, vibrant cotton shirts, check out the official website of Feranoid. Buy your favourite shirts before they go out of stock. 

For more information log on to the official website of Feranoid and buy your favourite products today.


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