Esports Betting Malaysia: The Beginner Guide

Esports Betting Malaysia has become a popular topic on the Internet today due to it having one of the highest potentials for betting. It is already a billion-dollar industry and will grow further soon. It is not just about money but players also get paid well to play in events. The best way to be part of this growing trend is to get involved in Esports Betting Malaysia.

What Is Esports? 

Esports is short for “electronic sports” and it’s simply competitive video gaming. Esports Games can be played all over the world, with competitors playing live, online, and sometimes in front of large crowds. Most Esports Betting Malaysia competitions, also known as tournaments, have huge prize pools.

Esports Games are organized multiplayer video game competitions. This can either be done over the internet or in person. Esports Betting Malaysia are played in tournaments just like any other physical sport.

Esport Betting Malaysia?

Esports Betting Malaysia is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide, especially among young adults and children even a huge personalities like Ronnie O’Sullivan. Due to their increasing popularity, more and more people are beginning to take interest in sportsbooks offering them.

Types Of Bets On Esport Betting Malaysia

Match Winner

Match Winner is where you can place a bet on who you think will win the match. It’s a popular option for those who want to make money from their knowledge about the Esports Games and give their take on the outcome.


A handicap is a method of equalizing the strengths of two opposing sides. This involves the allowance of a specified number of goals or points to be scored by either team in advance before the match begins. For example, if the home team is expected to win by 3–1 then they must score at least four to compensate for an extra goal conceded by their opponent.

 First Blood

  • First Blood is a term used by Esports Betting Malaysia bettors to describe the first player to get a kill in a competitive match. The first blood event can have a huge impact on the rest of the match and will influence future bets in your betting slip.

Total Maps Played

Total Maps Played is an important part of the overall performance of your bet. The team that has played the most maps has shown a lot more determination and focus for their Esports Games.


“Over/under betting is a very simple concept, which is betting on the outcome of the match or match-up. There are two different bets you can make when this type of wager. You can bet the over and the under or both. The cover refers to how many times do you think two teams will score in a game while the under refers to how many times do you think two teams will score in a Esports Games.”

Map Winner

Map winner is an extremely good way to do some betting. You can bet on the team that has dominated or just has been winning the most rounds in a match. This betting style is often used by experts and professional players who are looking for real money to be won in the Esports Betting Malaysia market.

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