Best hair oils

Having great hair is every man, women, and girl’s dream. The thick, shiny mane that is just the right texture. However, it is easier said than done, no matter what the shampoo commercials will tell you otherwise.

There is firstly the big issue of genetics; while some fortunate ones are genetically blessed with pretty and robust hair, however, others have genetically fragile hair.

Moreover, the way you treat them is also very important. Using harsh shampoos, hot water, a lot of chemical products, going overboard with heat treatment is naturally going to have an impact on your hair.

Common complaints include hair fall and breakage, texture problem, split ends etc. While for complicated matters like alopecia you should consult your Skin specialist in Islamabad , there are ways that you can improve the symptoms of a bad hair day. One such remedy is oiling!

Hair oils to the rescue

Hair oiling is simply the act of apply oil to the hair and massaging your scalp afterwards. When the benefits of the oils combine with improved blood supply, the results are indeed great for your hair.

Here are some hair oils to try to get rid of your bad hair mojo:

Argan oil

Argan oil is full of goodness due to its high fatty acid content. It also contains vitamin and ferulic acid, and thus help you in giving the healthy mane.

Argan oil is also an excellent antioxidant. These are compounds that help in neutralizing the dangerous free radicals, that damage the healthy cells otherwise. Thus, not only does Argan oil protect the hair cells from get damaged, but its oxidative properties also protect the hair against damage from the radiation.

Moreover, people who frequently use heating tools for styling should especially use Argan oil, as it protects the hair from heat. Since it also makes the hair soft and nourished, it is indeed an excellent hair oil choice.

Black seed oil

Another great oil for the hair is Black seed oil. Packed with goodness, this hair oil has antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help in remedying the pesky scalp problems and at times, even diseases.

It is specifically good for the conditions like psoriasis plaques, acne, inflammation, and wounds harboring bacteria.

Black seed oil also in a good antioxidant, and hence protects the hair at cellular level as well. It is also good for keeping the hair moist and hydrated, therefore less frizzy and more manageable.

Coconut oil

We are nuts for coconuts, and there is a reason why. Not only is this oil very fragrant so you do not smell bad when you have it on –trust us, it is indeed a big advantage –but it also brings with itself a lot of goodness.

Coconut contains a significant amount of fatty acids in it, which are then able to penetrate deep into the hair strand, conditioning and nourishing it from within. This feature also allows coconut to act as heat protectant. It does not, however, mean that you slather on coconut oil before straightening your hair; hair protectant gel is a different ball game. Coconut simply decreases the amount of damage your hair would have sustained otherwise.

Furthermore, it also contains vitamins and minerals that support the health of the hair. Coconut oil is beneficial for remedying hair breakage and loss. It also promotes hair growth as well.

Castor oil

Another one of the greats is the castor oil. It is rich in vitamin E, minerals and protein that nourish the hair, making them stronger and smoother.

However, the salient feature of castor oil is thought to be its hair growth properties. Although the research is still not conclusive, but castor oil is considered as a good home remedy to undo hair fall. It is still however, recommended that you consult the Best dermatologist in Lahore for serious hair growth ailment.

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