A Guide to Feeding Your Dog Right Raw Food

You must always be on the lookout for shifting your grown-up dog to something natural. Indeed, switching to raw dog food is a wise decision, primarily because of the benefits. Not only does it give a healthy boost to joint strength, but it also enhances the immunity systems.

With over 40% of Australian households having at least one dog, the love for these furballs is evident.

That is why you need the perfect understanding of any authentic and homemade raw food for your doggies. Here’s everything you need to understand.

5 Steps to Get Started with Raw Dog Food

Changing from dry dog food to raw might be scary, but your doggy might enjoy it even more. To transition perfectly to this type of food, you must follow these steps carefully:

  1. Balance the protein and fat (10% to 20% – Fat)
  2. Understand the requirements of minerals and calcium (10% to 15% – Bone)
  3. Add a healthy dose of organ meats (10% – Liver, 5% – Heart)
  4. Incorporate fruits and vegetables into the raw food diet (10% – Vegetables)
  5. Balance the macronutrients (Add Vitamin D and Manganese)

Choose the perfect raw food diet for your dog from these steps and keep them healthy. Usually, a 25-pound dog would require ½ pounds of raw food. On the other hand, a 50-pound big baby will need 1 pound of daily raw food.

Similarly, a 100-pound dog would benefit from 2 pounds of daily raw food access. As a rule of thumb, ensure to feed your adult dogs at least 3% of their ideal body weight.

Considerations Before Choosing Raw Food

Before starting your big boy on a healthy raw diet, you must consult a vet in Australia. Based on their suggestions, you can easily choose any raw food for your dog. However, remember to consider pointers like

  • Health
  • Activity level
  • Your lifestyle
  • Age and size
  • Taste
  • Food allergies

A balanced supply of raw dog food would be nutritional for your loveable best friend. Besides, every dog has a different calorie requirement based on its size and age.

Some dogs might have allergies to specific proteins like milk, wheat etc. Whatever the case, your dog must love the taste and smell of the dog food. Once you have decided to choose raw food for your doggo, you must analyse your lifestyle.

Will you have enough time to shop and chook for your beloved furball?

Human Food for Dogs – What to Give and What Not to Give

You might think that giving your dog raw food means they’ll be able to have what you eat. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Here are some of the safe and toxic foods for your doggo.

Human Foods Safe for Your Dog Human Foods Toxic for Your Dog
●       Almonds

●       Bread

●       Cashews

●       Cheese

●       Coconut

●       Corn

●       Eggs

●       Fish

●       Ham

●       Peanut

●       Pork

●       Chocolate

●       Cinnamon

●       Garlic

●       Ice cream

●       Macadamia nuts



The Bottom Line

Now you know what to do when transitioning your dog from dog food to raw dog food. The food must be fresh and cooked at home to ensure a healthy dose of nutrients. Ensure to understand what your dog needs, based on their activity levels, age and size.

It would be wise to consult a vet before starting their balanced diet. Doing so will make it easier for you and your dog to accommodate the new lifestyle.

A perfect balanced diet of raw food would help your doggo remain healthy – both mentally and physically. Are you ready to give your furry friend the nutritions they deserve?




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