A brief guide to Cigarette boxes

Cigarette packs are most commonly rectangular boxes usually of paperback.  Paperboard is a hard material that has processed Kraft paper. They usually have a flip-top and flavor-protecting plastic or foil. This box is then also wrapped in airtight plastic which gives shape to the cigarette boxes we are familiar with. This is the standardized and most preferred packaging in the whole world as the hard paperback prevents the cigarettes from being crushed and is small enough to fit in pockets and carry cigarettes too.

Cigarette packaging around the world

Despite having somewhat of a universal packaging, there are still a lot of varieties of cigarette boxes. Like the size of these packs which is according to the government regulations. This defers across countries but usually, Empty Cigarette Packs fit twenty to twenty-five cigarettes in one pack. Another thing that differs is the number of filters on the sticks. One thing that is mandatory, however, around the world to be able to sell cigarettes is a warning. A little warning explaining the effects of smoking has to print on the pack where it can be seen or it cannot be legally sold. Go check out steamroller if you want to try something new.

Different types of packaging

Even though cigarettes have trademark packaging, companies still come up with new ideas to make themselves stand out. This caused the “shell and slide” pack to become well-liked because of its easy use. “Shoulder bags” can often make from leather can use because of their sophisticated but luxurious look. Hard paper or metal is still the most preferred material for packaging after hundreds of years of evolution.

Cigarettes to E-cigarettes

Most of us have seen or heard of E-cigarettes by now. With this new smoking device taking over the traditional stick many people have started selling it. Though whether this ‘vaping stick’ is less harmful than cigarettes is a debate, many people use it to break the habit of smoking. In that sense, it has been extremely helpful. Electronic cigarettes usually look like a pipe or cigars. They sometimes also come in the shape of daily used items like pens or USBs. With the recent rise of their use, loads of companies are coming up with the styles and flavors of this device. Its recent popularity is really of no surprise with people growing curious about this fancy device and trying it for themselves. This has, however, provided a perfect opportunity for wholesalers and retailers alike!

Empty Cigarette Packs

How Cigarette Boxes can make?

Cigarette boxes can make from a very simple process. They have a sheet of sturdy cardboard that is cut into the typical shape by a machine. This cut-out is foldable into a box and some open parts are put together with glue. Then the cigarettes can pack into the box and the box seal with a plastic wrapper that covers the whole packaging. The same process goes for electronic cigarettes box, but this time a sturdier material can use instead of cardboard. There is also an option to cover the whole packaging with hard plastic instead of using a box but that depends on the manufacturer.

Nowadays you are more likely to see the usage of these boxes for packages more often than not. The rapid rise in the number of online shoppers has just contributed to that use, as companies have to rely on the aesthetics of their products to attract customers. This includes the packaging of the goods as well. The overall look of the product can enhance by the packaging and presentation and is likely to sell more.

However, for starting businesses that are still at an early stage of their business, acquiring these custom boxes might prove to be difficult. This is the reason why many people online have started to provide these custom storage boxes to retailers and normal consumers alike. If you compare this to E-Cigarette boxes you can understand why more companies like The Box Printers are looking to make more customized packaging. These increase their sales because customers relate more to the products and then buy more.

Benefits of using these Packaging Boxes

These customized packaging is very suitable to make hence they are also very easy to manufacture. This allows the manufacturer to make them in a larger quantity; hence their sales also increase as there is a greater quantity available to the consumer. Furthermore, this allows the price of the cigarettes to keep at a minimum point, and more consumers can buy them, which generates more revenue for the manufacturer.

These boxes are also biodegradable which is beneficial to the environment. This reduces pollution in the environment as well as decreases the rate of pollution because these packaging are recyclable. This is a win-win situation.

It can easy to say that regardless of all the social and health problems with cigarettes, they have without a doubt a strong presence on the market as even after all this time their sales still top those of many prominent companies.


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