4 Must-Know Video Editing Tips for Beginners

Creating video content is helpful for a lot of different businesses. And, most people consume video content. In fact, research has shown that the amount of online videos that people watch has doubled in recent years.

But, how do you ensure that your video content is the best it can be? Let’s go through the top video editing tips when you’re just starting out.

  1. Use B-Roll

It’s always important to use b-roll to your advantage. B-roll gives you coverage when you need to cover up shaky shots or cut something out of the primary footage.

If you don’t have enough footage, you can go out and shoot some more. You can also gather up some stock footage that works with your content. Or, you can use photos.

You can add some movement to your photos to make sure the visuals stay interesting.

  1. Have The Right Tools

To do your best editing work, you’ll need to have the best possible editing tools. If possible, upgrade your computer so that it’s as fast as possible. Video editing software can be very hard on your computer!

After that, you’ll have to choose the best video editing software for your needs. Most people use Adobe Premiere, but Final Cut and Avid are also options.

There are also other online tools you can use to improve the quality of your video. For example, you can find specific tools to help you crop video online.

And, there is different equipment you can use to make the video editing process easier. A spare monitor, for example, is one excellent choice so that you can see more of your screen.

If you’re editing off a laptop, you’ll definitely want to use an extra mouse and keyboard so that you can control your movements more easily. Get a properly adjusted desk chair to keep yourself comfortable while you edit.

  1. Back It Up

You don’t want to lose your projects if your computer crashes. That’s why you need to save regularly and make backups of all your files.

Export copies of your edits regularly, so that you can see how your work progresses. And, make copies of your sequences so you can go back if you decide that you like a previous version better.

  1. Experiment

There are lots of things you can do with video editing. So, to get used to your options, why not try experimenting? Try out different strategies for color correction, or make stylistic color changes to make your footage look retro or noir.

Or, structure your videos in different ways to create different narratives. You can also add sound effects or music to set the tone and add emphasis.

Video Editing Tips: Now You Know

With these video editing tips, you’ll be able to take your editing skills to the next level in no time at all.

Are you looking for more ways to improve your content creation ability? Are you searching for more production advice? Scroll through the rest of the posts in our technology section for all the advice you need.

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