The digital marketing consultant is an essential professional in today’s company, which cannot afford to remain on the sidelines of the immense digital market that is waiting to receive the most tempting promotions. Digital consulting services are focused on growing sales and taking any digital business to the next level. Expansion is a reality that you can achieve if you follow the strategy that we will design for you as a digital marketing consultant .

What is the mission of an expert digital marketing consultant?

The digital marketing consultant is a professional with vast knowledge in strategies and tools aimed at the organic positioning of your website, as well as in online advertising and electronic commerce.

As experts in marketing consulting, our mission when we come to your company will be:

Orient yourself: the digital world is within your reach, but you may not know how to make the most of it. Part of our digital marketing consultant services is to provide you with guidance on the tools that are available to publicize your business on the web . It is vital that you receive the correct orientation, since a complete digital marketing strategy is one that combines free tools, such as organic SEO, and paid ones, such as online advertising per click. What we offer you is serious advice, based on solid knowledge in the area, so that your investment becomes a profitable action.

Lead your project: one of the responsibilities we have as a digital marketing consultant is to take your business project and take charge of it. Once our consultant-client relationship begins, we understand your company and what you want to achieve through it. From that moment on, we become part of your team, as if we belonged to your organization, but with the strategic and objective view you need for your business to grow and expand.

Get your company forward: this is not a task to leave in inexperienced hands. Making your business overcome current problems and gain visibility is something that requires digital marketing strategies and tools.

Increase the prestige and influence of your company: when your reputation grows, customers begin to arrive without you calling them. Now it may seem like a distant dream, but if you hire our digital marketing consultant services , you can find yourself a few steps away from achieving a permanent capture of leads and customers. What do you think if we tell you that your name can be synonymous with quality, avant-garde and prestige?

Digital consulting services that Sandiip Porwal offers you

Currently, our agency that offers digital marketing  agency services is in full growth. Soon, there will be more consultants working side by side with us to turn companies into what each entrepreneur envisioned for them when they were created. The services that are at your entire disposal to start your expansion right now are:

Digital marketing

Do you know how to reach your potential customers? And by this I am not referring to whether you know how to create a paid digital guideline to appear on Google and on social networks, but my question is directed to whether you know the language your audience speaks, whether you can use it fluently to persuade them to trust you so much in you to buy from you and if you have such advanced knowledge that a well-done segmentation requires.

Our advice as a digital marketing consultant includes all that and much more.

To start, we will connect you with your potential clients. And this goes far beyond telling you who they are, as you need to know much more than their age, their marital status and the places they frequent. What you need is to know what they do in their free time, how much free time they have, what they talk about and how they talk about what they talk about, where to find them and, most importantly, what their pain points are . Once we have all this information in our possession, we will proceed to develop a strategy for each objective:

  • capture leads
  • To sell
  • Loyalty

Within the area of ​​digital marketing, we will focus on the following actions:

  • Creation of your website
  • Planning and development of written and audiovisual content
  • We will put your company on Google My Business
  • Take your social networks
  • Preparation and dissemination of press releases

Your website is your letter of introduction, so we will focus on beautifying it and giving it the aesthetics that connects with your potential clients.

The contents is the way you have to tell your audience that you think of them even when you have no intention of selling them something . We take care of making a content plan not only so that you position yourself using the most relevant keywords for your sector , but also so that you can make the most of the positions you reach. 

Social networks are a separate issue, since it is not only important to be there, but you have to make that presence memorable. Also, how you express yourself through each response will set the tone for your brand and speak to how trustworthy you are. But don’t worry, because we will take care of that as your digital marketing consultant

SEM & digital advertising

There are times when we must stop to listen to the words of the great. In this case, the message could not have been clearer: advertising is the only way to make yourself known in a massive way. That is why it is so important to have a digital marketing consultant who knows how to catapult your company through digital advertising.

Internet advertising is amazingly affordable. Contracting a campaign is within the reach of every entrepreneur’s pocket, since you only pay for the clicks that are given to your ad and the investment limit is set by you. However, this does not mean that we are supposed to waste our money.

By putting your company in our hands as a digital marketing consultant , you will obtain profitability for every penny invested in your campaigns.

SEO – web positioning

Organic SEO is what Google rewards over time by making you the first choice of people looking for what you offer. To start, we will study your competition and make you stand out from it. We will find your added value and we will make it known in such a way that it makes an impact.

One of my main tasks as a digital marketing consultant is to constantly analyze the results. In this way, when something does not yield the expected results, we modify it without waiting a day longer than necessary.

We will provide you with a natural positioning through the keywords that are relevant to your sector.

Benefits of having the services of a digital marketing consultant

  • You save time: diagnosing the situation of a company and developing a strategy to make it grow can become an eternal loop of trial and error. Your company needs you one hundred percent in other areas where your presence is irreplaceable. You may be able to do it on your own, but with us you will save time in taking your company to the top.
  • You get an objective look: our vision is not permeated by the subjectivity that arises when you are immersed in the daily business dynamics.
  • Constant monitoring: we will be aware of the results in real time. We will monitor the impact of each action undertaken, in order to change what does not work and enhance what is generating a response. 
  • You outperform your competition: See how well your competition is doing right now. Record that situation and get ready, because we will make sure that you do much better. Our services as a digital marketing consultant include the study of your competition in order to undertake the most effective strategy so that you stand out from it.
  • Assured ROI: so that our work as a digital marketing consultant makes sense and we can continue working for you, ROI is a fact for your company. Every penny invested will return you in profits that until now you had not achieved.

The profession of digital marketing expert allows me and my team to merge our two passions: the online world and turning a company into its best version. We are ready to make you take off, are you ready to start the business of your life?

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