Your DIY guide for cabinet installation – The three crucial tools that you need

Do you want to install a cabinet? And you want to get it done all by yourself? If yes, then you should always opt-in for the correct cabinet installation tools. It can help you to save more. And if this is the first time you are attempting it, then deciphering the tools you require might take some time.

First things first! You must know that every step of a correct cabinet installation needs various tools. It includes tools like flush face frame edges, sanders, cabinets, or wall claws for holding the frames together tightly. And the chances are that you might already have the primary tool like the cordless drill, miter saw, and stud finder.

The different kinds of tools for cabinet installation

Installing a cabinet isn’t child’s play. It’s hard work, and you need to plan well. Hence, you need to categorize the tools required in three different categories:

  • The basics–This includes cordless drills, jigsaw, miter saws, belt sanders, a six-foot level, trim nail gun, stud finder, and hole saws.
  • The must-have–If you are looking at a quality install, these tools with help. It comprises of cabinet jacks, professional trigger clamps, cabinet claws, crown jigs, laser levels, cabinet wedges, and cabinet hardware jigs.
  • Everything else –These include a wide range of security tools that can make your task easier, such as the moving straps, flush-cut saws, hearing protection, color putty, and wood scribes.

You can always opt-in for a cabinet installation by yourself without using these specialty tools. But chances are you will find them handy in your task. And three essential tools to count on for the installation are:

  1. The cabinet jacks to keep the cabinets in the correct place

Did you try installing cabinets before? If yes, you will realize that one of the physical tasks is to keep the upper cabinets in the correct place, as they get clamped and shimmed to the adjacent cabinets. It’s also essential while screwing it together. The cabinet jack eases the weight-lifting process. It can hold the cabinet in the correct place during installation. The essential features include:

  • It allows one person to install.
  • It can hold the cabinet weight as they get screwed or clamped.
  1. The handheld jack to help in lifting

When you are installing a cabinet, you need the handheld jack, which can lift as much as 330lbs. To know more about this, you can click here for Viking Arm handheld jack. It is a resourceful and robust tool that is handy when you want to make any cabinet installation. It can also help with the installations of floors, kitchens, fences, doors, and windows. It allows you to get to a tight space and lift, tighten, clam, or press along with managed precision. The tool has endless options. Your imagination is the only limit here.

  1. The cabinet claw for clamping face frames

When you have to clamp the cabinets together, it is necessary to have a cabinet claw or a trigger-type clamp.  It’s because the factor the determines the cabinet quality is whether it is attached uniformly and tightly. And if you don’t have these tools, the task can get challenging.

These are the three essential tools that you need for installing cabinets correctly. Today, you can get it all from the reputed online stores.

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