Wireless Earbuds from Soundcore: Features and Specifications

For every adult from different fields of interest, Soundcore has its specific products. If you are a student and want to focus during your study, there are wireless earphones that will reduce the noise around you. If you are a sportsman and need an earphone with long battery life, you may find the perfect one from Soundcore.

 The noise-cancelling wireless earbud comprises thumping beats, enhanced call quality, multiple modes for noise cancellation and much more. 

Customizable listening and comfortable air pressure are quite attractive features of the Soundcore earbuds. Here we have put the specs of Life P3 in the picture:

Call quality 

The AI, noise reduction algorithm works great in real-time. The six microphones and the built-in noise reduction algorithm pick your voice without needless noise from the background, clear the quality and send a voice with crystal clear quality. You may surprise by the clarification of voice and the reduced noise.


Download the soundcore application on your smartphone, and you’ll be able to customize multiple features. It allows adjusting EQ, creating your own soundscape with relaxing white noise, and testing the voice quality of earbuds.

You can activate the gaming mode through the application of soundcore. You’ll experience immersive audio and enjoy the mobile game with great audio. Activate this mode and add some incredible audio to your gaming experience.

Battery Life 

The playtime of the earbuds from a single charge is seven hours. The compact case extends this time to thirty-five hours. The incredible battery life makes these earbuds perfect for video games, music and movies. You can watch your favourite movies without any audio disturbance.


The built-in ear-friendly shape of the earbuds makes a perfect fit. The shape of Life P3 sets perfectly into the ear and provides stability. You can choose different sizes of tips according to the shape of your ear. The fix and relaxing fit into the ear cancels noise and make sure that needless sounds do not disrupt the audio. 

Pocket friendly 

The size of earbuds fits in your pocket easily. The pocket-friendly size of the earbuds will be the best partner for your phone on a trip or traveling. These noise-cancelling earbuds will reduce unwanted sounds and comprise the best battery life.

The 11mm composite drivers produce a thumping sound. For further intensity, you can switch to BassUP mode, which will increase Bass ultimately. Put the earbuds along with the compact case in your pocket, and it will increase the battery timing and playtime as well.

Different modes 

The switching from low to high modes for noise-cancelling is easier to use. The Android and iOS-friendly earbuds allow you to utilize different modes. These transport modes, indoor and outdoor modes, allow you to block irritating noise at different places.

For better call quality, there are six microphones in these earbuds that clear your voice from noise. The exclusive algorithm for tuning the noise provides almost complete noise cancellation. 

During live streams, audio or video calls, your voice will be clear and noise-free.

Soundcore App

For the detail of each product of soundcore, download the application of sound core on your smartphone. You can also avail of some new user discounts as well. 

The official website provides the facility to order your favourite products online. You can check the specs of each product from enough detail on the website.

There are multiple eye-catching colour ranges for Life P3. You can select your favourite one. From the application of soundcore, you are enabled to personalize the voice control and management of Bluetooth and EQ modes which are quite diverse.


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