What you need to know about trans escorts

You have certainly heard about trans escorts, but do you know exactly what these people are? Are they women, man or both? Would you like to experience a date with a TS escort but you have no idea what to expect? If so, then continue to read this article to learn more about these professional sex workers and the services they provide. 

What are trans escorts?

TS escorts are providers of high-quality companionship services, who have actually transitioned in their gender. Many of the trans escorts are male to female. What does this mean? Well, it means that they were born as a male and later in life, they have undergone operations and even followed hormone treatments to completely change their identity to one of a female. Even if it’s hard to believe, there are lots of people who have a sexual attraction towards trans escorts, as they are paradigms of femininity. These sex workers can offer an amazing deal of pleasure. Yet, it is very important to engage with them honestly, and in a friendly manner. 

There are several things you can do before actually spending some time with them, to ensure sexual desire and mutual respect. You must never forget to use language that refers to the sex worker as the gender they identify with hand, not the gender they were born with. A male to female TS is a ’she’. Don’t forget that and treat her accordingly. This will show that you respect her, no matter what her gender is and the decisions she made to change her life and body completely. Note that it is quite offensive to use a word that specifies her gender as being one assigned to her genetically. Never forget that trans are women and want to be treated as such. 

Etiquette when dating a trans lady

When having a date like this, it is very important to know very well the etiquette. Being polished and clean is definitely a huge advantage. And, if you show respect to the lady, she will offer you the most amazing services. You must have a shower right before the date, wear a nice outfit and apply aftershave. Trans escorts are no different from regular escorts. They absolutely love the idea of being charmed and they will do anything to improve the connection between them and their clients. In fact, they will connect in a very intimate manner, so that you can live the best sexual experience. Because they are loving, caring, and friendly, you will feel super relaxed. 

You will feel comfortable doing everything you have dreamed of in terms of sex. It is important to discuss in detail everything you want to try in bed, as many TS escorts don’t offer too many types of services. That’s why it is essential to look for a lady who can offer you that specific service you are looking for. Never forget that the girls identify as being female, and you must appreciate them for who they are. Also, you need to appreciate that they may not want to undertake any sexual fantasy that makes them feel strange with their gender identity. As we mentioned earlier, if you treat the lady with respect and if you don’t ask her private details, she will treat you like a king. She will make you feel the center of her universe and offer you the most intense pleasure you have ever felt. 

Other important things you need to know

Trans escorts are also called tranny. This is a word that is being considered as an offensive one used against these ladies. In fact, it is actually similar to people calling homosexuals ’homo’. These escorts are usually employed by escort agencies to offer companionship services. These days, you can find a number of agencies in nearly every country in the world, that can offer such tranny escorts. You can easily and quickly find an agency on the internet. On a date with a trans escort, you will experience pleasure at a different level. It will certainly be something you haven’t felt before, something you will want to try again and again. Most of the trans ladies you will get from the online platforms will be more understanding as compared to any traditional companion services. It is recommended to read some reviews about the girls before you actually make your final choice. Don’t just hire the first girl you see, especially if you are on your first date of this type.

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