What Does “Via Email” Mean? Full Answer With 10+ Examples!

Have you ever talked to someone and they’ve asked for a specific document, web page or other information? In these kinds of discussions, they’ll request some thing “via email”. Today, I’m going to know what the word “via” means and how it is used, who can say it, and the best way you pronounce “via”.

At the end of this post, you’ll be doubtful about the meaning of “via email”.

How Do We Use “Via Email”       

The most common scenario in which people will request information “via email” is when you’re in an office. In the workplace using email is very popular because it is the perfect blend between professional and simple.

It is possible to use the term “via email” when you’re discussing with your friends your emails. For instance, you could mention “I got the tickets for the concert via email”.

Nowadays, thanks to the internet, it’s not common for people to chat informalally with friends via email. The only way we’d receive emails that aren’t related to work would be when communicating with a business and not a person we know.

What can you send via Email

The majority of the time when you “write” an email definition, we’ll have some sort of writing within it. Certain people may prefer simply a text document that has no attachments. For instance, I could suggest that you take notes and email the notes to me by email.

When we work, we typically need to attach documents to emails. These could be powerpoints, videos, spreadsheets, or other types of files.

In some instances you might be asked to submit an image via email. This is especially true when you are employed for the media business.

A Different Interpretation of “Via Email”- Funny

There’s a different interpretation of “via email”. It will nevertheless be amazing if you hear or utilize this type that is “via email” ever in your lifetime.

However, I would like to discuss it since it’s quite funny.

In Holland there is a street named “emailstraat”, which translates to “Email Street”.

Perhaps you’re in an area near by and are providing me with directions to get to your residence. If this occurs you could tell me “The best way to get to my apartment is to go via email, and then turn left at the end of that street”.

Of course, it’s highly unlikely to occur. It’s nevertheless fun to consider.

11 Examples Of “Via Email”

  • “So we’re going to have an important meeting scheduled for 5. If you can write down notes and then forward them by email out to everyone else in the office I would appreciate it”.
  • “I’ve completed all the spreadsheets. I’ll be sending them out via email in the next few hours. Let me know when you get the numbers, and I’ll discuss these numbers”.
  • “I’m attending a show on the 21st of September. Since I received my tickets by an email address, I do not need to fret about printing them and can simply show up using my mobile”.
  • “Do we need to talk via email? It’s like sitting less than three feet from me. If you need to speak, simply go to me and tell me.”
  • “The details of the event will be distributed via email. Be sure to check the emails tonight, so that you’re aware of where to be on the next day”
  • “I will send the photos to you by email. I’m quite busy, but I should be able send the pictures tomorrow”
  • “Please don’t send me spam via email. My inbox is already full with enough. I really don’t require any other information from you.”
  • “I know you’re sick today. If you can forward me your work via email, I’ll try my best to finish it for you”
  • “Don’t mail me anything via email. The meeting is confidential and you’ll never think who could be spying through our messages.”
  • “If you could send if your CV via email, we’ll let you know whether or not we’re interested in an email”
  • “We’re eliminating our machine for faxing. From the moment from now everything will be handled by email”.

Synonyms For “Via Email”

Of of course, there are many other methods to request something by email. Below are some examples of phrases that carry the identical meaning to “Send it via email”.

How to pronounce “Via Email”

There’s a debate about how to pronounce “via”.

Some might say it should rhyme with “higher”. Some believe the word should be rhymed with “hee-ya” (the sound karate people make). You’re probably thinking what do you say “via” the correct way.

It’s the reality of the world regardless of how you pronounce the word, everyone will know what you’re talking to about.

There’s no reason to that English calls “vigher” instead of “vee-ya”. This is just how it is.


You now are aware of what to expect when you’re asked to deliver an item “via email”. When someone requests some thing “via email”, they’re seeking to have it sent via email.

The most typical time that you’ll hear the term “via email” is when you’re working. But, if you’re talking to a business it is possible to use email to communicate with them, even if it doesn’t have anything to do with work.

In the majority of cases people will ask for some thing “via email”, it is usually documents or information. In some fields it could be that they are asking for images of videos.

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