Wedding Undergarments: 5 Things You Need to Know About Bridal Lingerie

Have you thought about your bridal lingerie?

As your big day approaches, it’s easy to get caught up in choosing your wedding dress and finding your fairytale shoes. But don’t forget your lingerie!

Good underwear can help you feel more confident, keep you supported, and make your dress look even better. If you’re not sure where to start when searching for a bridal lingerie set, we’ve put together some great tips to help you.

Read on to find out more!

Always Choose Daytime Bridal Lingerie After Your Dress

If you’re picking out luxury bridal lingerie before you’ve chosen your dress, you’re doing something wrong! Your underwear needs will change depending on your outfit for the day. For example, if your dress is strapless, you’ll need a strapless lace bra to match, and tighter silhouettes may require seamless underwear or a thong.

However, if you’re choosing bridal honeymoon lingerie for the night of the wedding, don’t worry. You probably won’t be wearing your dress at this point, so you can wear whatever you like! For inspiration, visit this site.

Do You Have to Wear White Lingerie?

There are no rules about colors when it comes to bridal lingerie. During the day, you’ll probably want to wear either nude or white so that it’s not visible beneath your dress. But for the evening, all the bets are off!

Many brides do still default to white lingerie. But if you’d rather wear a sultry red or sexy black, go for it.

Where to Buy Bridal Lingerie

If you’re looking to buy luxurious underwear for your wedding, we’d recommend going to a lingerie store rather than a clothes store that also sells lingerie. At a lingerie store, they can help you choose the right styles for your dress or find you something beautiful for the evening. They’ll also have more options, giving you plenty of choices for your special day.

Some brides also throw lingerie showers. This is when you host a party for your bridesmaids and they gift your gorgeous lingerie for your newlywed life.

Bridal Lingerie Styles

There are plenty of different lingerie styles out there for your wedding evening. Teddies are fabulous if you want to wear something that definitely isn’t everyday underwear, and they also cover your stomach if that’s an issue for you.

Chemises are elegant and sophisticated, while stockings and garters are undeniably sexy. Or, you may feel sexiest in the underwear you’ve been wearing beneath your dress, which is absolutely fine! Whatever makes you feel the most confident is the best choice for you.

What Next?

Now it’s time to start browsing for bridal lingerie! Taking a peek at what’s out there is the best way to get inspiration for your wedding look.

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