Upgrade Your Offroading Truck for 2022

Whether you’re an offroading pro or 2022 is the year that you will begin your offroading adventures, upgrading your truck ensures you have the safest and smoothest ride possible. Modifications enhance performance and decrease the likelihood of getting stuck, which is the offroaders ultimate nemesis. Find out which truck upgrades are a sound investment for offroading in the coming year.

Tire Upgrades

Many full-size trucks already come with larger wheels to boost work performance. However, if your objective is to take your truck offroad routinely, specialty truck rims and tires are an excellent place to start. Larger and stronger alloy blend wheels with bigger tires have the flexibility and heft to crawl over any rocks and dips in your path. However, keep in mind that over time, it is critical to continue to upgrade your body and systems to match your wheels as you go. Oversized wheels and tires can take a toll on your truck if they do not match the power generated.

Upgrade Your Offroading Truck for 2022
Upgrade Your Offroading Truck for 2022

Suspension Upgrades

Offroading has plenty in store for all drivers, but one thing is always for sure: you will be in for a bumpy ride. Not only do you have to upgrade your suspension to fit larger wheels and tires, but also to increase the ease of your ride. Take care to rebalance the wheels and body so that your truck is ready to conquer the hills and curves on any terrain without bouncing you out of the seat. Both lift and Pro Comp leveling kits will help differentiate between aftermarket wheel mods and the suspension you need.

Protection Upgrades

Much of offroading is getting into and out of tight places. If you are experienced in offroading, you know that bodywork can be a mounting expenditure if you don’t add protection from the get-go. To reduce the amount of body damage your truck takes on, upgrade your truck before going offroad. Bumpers, grumpers, and sliders protect your truck against major scrapes and dents.

You never know what kind of obstacles you might run into out there. Theft-deterrent upgrades help protect you and your truck from any unknown threats. Specialty lug nuts that are key specific help keep tires on and always secure; as a bonus, black lug nuts are easily repainted if scraped by rock or debris. The addition of lock-and-keyed tonneau covers secure belongings and protect them from the elements and any curious visitors.

Recovery Upgrades

Another necessary component of upgrading your truck includes recovery gear. Rather than wait for a friend or towing services, upgrading your truck with your own recovery equipment is preferable. If you do get stuck in a tight spot, having recovery gear on board can help eliminate the long walk back to civilization or the last place you had cell reception to call for help. Helpful recovery gear for your offroading excursions includes:

  • Winches
  • Hitches
  • Ropes
  • Jacks
  • Boards
  • Straps

With just a few upgrades, your truck can stay moving no matter the terrain or obstacles. Choose the upgrade components that will make offroading in 2022 as easy, safe, and bump-free as possible.

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