Toyota Avanza Baru Indonesia

The Toyota Avanza Baru has a total transformation with the Build for Greater Inspiration (BGI) platform. Designed to be comfortable, safe, and stylish, the new Avanza features a bold depan bumper, a new Xenia model, and a restyled roof lining. Its safety features include a front airbag system and ABS. The new Avanza is the safest vehicle to enter the new era of mobility.

The new Avanza features three rows of seats for seven passengers and increased dimensions. There are four variants of the Avanza available in Indonesia. The base 1.3E model costs around 206.2 million rupiah, and comes with a 1-NR-VE engine, a seven-inch touchscreen, USB ports, and VSC. Other features include a rear view camera, two airbags, and an all-seat seatbelt warning.

The new Avanza features a 1.5 G CVT engine with a torque output of 137 Nm. Its power is also impressive, with 106 PS. The Avanza features an automatic transmission system with a manual override. In addition, the Avanza features a brake system that delivers superior control and braking performance. Whether you want to take the new Avanza for a spin or make it your next vehicle, you’ll love it.

The third generation Avanza is even more stylish and sleeker. It now has Bi-LED headlamps, which are now standard on all models. The Avanza also comes with 15-inch alloy wheels with 185/65/15 rubber. This new generation features the same alloy wheels as the previous model, but has silver-coloured ones instead of chrome-plated ones. If you’re looking for a compact SUV with excellent fuel economy, the Avanza is a great choice.

The All New Avanza was first introduced in 2003. It was then marketed in several variations, including the 1.3 E, 1.3 G, and 1.5 G Veloz. The 1.3 E and 1.5 G engines are both powerful, and the Avanza’s 1.5 Liter engine provides 95 horsepower at 6.000 rpm. Toyota also installed the latest safety features like a reversing camera and a rear-view camera.

Avanza Veloz is equipped with a new head unit that can be connected with an iPod. The New Avanza 1.5 G is equipped with an iPod-ready head unit, and even includes a lubang pipih that doubles as a toll booth. Toyota has made its Avanza Baru a car that is more practical than ever. You won’t want to leave it parked, unable to find parking.

For those of you who want to stay on the road longer, the 2019 Toyota Avanza features a wide array of safety features. Dual front and rear SRS airbags, a sunroof, and a new roof monitor make the Avanza a safe ride for family and friends. And when it comes to entertainment, the new Avanza is as well equipped as any other Toyota model. So, if you’re thinking of buying a new Avanza, don’t hesitate! So, get the new 2019 Toyota Avanza Baru and make your purchase today!

The Avanza was introduced in the Philippines on 13 January 2012 with three grade levels: 1.3 E, 1.3 G and 1.4 Veloz. The first facelift was launched in September 2015, and a second one was launched in May of 2019. The fourth grade, 1.5 Veloz, was added to the lineup in October 2017. The car received an all-new look in October 2017 with an updated interior colour scheme and added a 1.3-litre engine.

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