Top 5 Camping Places near Pune for Weekends

Pune is well known for its ambient weather, open-minded people, and delicious cuisine. However, it is a bustling city, and people are tired because of the hustle and bustle. People want to visit someplace for quiet camping and soothe the mind.

Thankfully, there are many beautiful places and locations have around Pune if you wish to stay for one day or spend some weeks. However, people mainly select a site that is set on their budget. As you have read above, you will find many places around Pune to visit. But in this article, you will know the areas that fit your budget, and you will thoroughly enjoy your vacation.

Best Places for Camping near Pune

Kolad camping

Kolad is well known as the adventure capital of Maharashtra and the most popular activity of kolad is river rafting. The best thing why people attract kolad places is the Kundalika River. People want to camp near the river and raft on the white water or the Kundalika River. People love to see greenery in the evening time and participate in many activities like hiking, rafting, tent, etc. In the kolad place, you will find many places to enjoy easily.

Pawna lake camping

Pawna Lake is the best place for camping, and it is situated approx ten km away from the kamshet. Here you will also find various campsites, including outdoor games, barbeque and music nights, and many more.

Pawna Lake is the best destination to spend some weekends here with your family and friends. The camping location is situated adjacent to the lack, where you can swim, take a dip, relax, and enjoy other sports activities during the daytime. When the sun goes down, the party reaches its next level.

Bhandardara Lake Camping

It is another best and ideal place for camping. In the daytime, when the sun rays fall into the blue water of Bhandardara Lake, it soothes visitors’ eyes. You can see this beautiful scenery from your camp because many visitors love to set camp next to the lake.

You can easily reach this place by driving four hours from Pune. Nature lovers want to visit for many activities such as bird watching, photography to angling, and seeing beautiful sceneries.

Alibaug beach camping

Alibaug place is situated near the revdanda beach, and it is located 133 km away from Mumbai and 175 km Pune. This beach is clean and peaceful because it is uncrowded. The clear water of the beach and pristine sand set the best mood for relaxation.

You can also participate in many water sports like Frisbee, playing beach volleyball; take a dip in the water. In the nighttime, you can see the light up a bonfire, star-filled sky, and chill out with your friends.

Wai camping

Wai campsite is situated approx 25 km away from the highway of Pune-Mahabaleshwar. This place is well known for its seven Ghats. You can go camping with your friends, family member, and colleagues.

Apart from camping, people love to participate in other activities such as hiking, boat ride, and rifle shooting. If you go with your friends, you can enjoy music at night and play various games. The Krishna River and Sahyadri mountain range are the best and ideal places for trekking.

Near wai, many sites like a fort, river, and mandir can easily visit. Activities like hiking, trekking, and camping help calm and relax your mind.


Here you have read about some places situated near Pune and fit into your budget. You can choose any location where you want to visit with your friends or family on this weekend.

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