Top 5 Free PPC Tools You Should Try This Year

As a professional digital marketer, you will automatically need tools to help you do several things, including running your PPC campaigns. Since digital marketers deal with everything to do with Google ads, you need to ensure that your ads are optimized and worth generating excellent results. However, researchers have ascertained that only 10% of digital advertisers optimize their Google ads.

Pay-per-click advertising model, also known as PPC, is the most common operational model that most digital advertisers use in their daily operations. However, the reality is that not everybody using this model is doing everything the right way as expected. The model requires lots of effort and focus on getting the best results and transforming your business performance.

The work ranges from designing the most effective copy to identifying the right audience that your brand perfectly suits. This is why you need PPC tools to make your work easier by clearing the backlog of doing lots of research and avoiding possible errors. You need to choose a great PPC tool with a successful track record in business that has proved to generate results in the past. 

It is no secret that there are multiple PPC tools on the web that you can choose. When it’s time to choose free PPC tools to incorporate into your campaign’s needs, the problem comes in. This article clears the air by discussing some of the best tools for ad copy monitoring. Let’s walk together! 

  1. PPC Signal

Working in an environment full of accurate results is a desire for every digital marketer who intends to get better results and advance their game in business. PPC Signal works with an advanced level of accuracy to ensure that the final results are up to the required standards depending on the nature of the business. Using this tool gives you a chance to attain an unbeatable level of success within the shortest time possible.

Remember that the digital marketing industry is constantly changing and needs you to be flexible to adopt the new changes in the industry to attain your goals. The main problem is to identify some of these changes since, at times, you need to take action in order to continue being in business. PPC Signal has the capacity to detect some of the smallest changes within the industry to make your brand stand strong. 

The tool works on minimizing and optimizing your PPC campaigns depending on the market demands to trigger the generation of better results in the long run.

  1. Adbeat

Adbeat generates unparalleled insights that are vital within the digital marketing world despite the industry being complex. This software plays a crucial role in leading companies and bigger brands in the right direction. Using this tool allows digital marketers to access essential information within the industry that is vital for the steady growth of your business.

Also, you can easily view what other direct competitors are doing to remain at the top. You can then employ the same technique in your marketing activities to elevate your brand to the next level. Apart from viewing the ads, you can also get access to the sources and the messaging of various brands. Adbeat is a PPC tool that every digital marketer needs to have to enhance the effectiveness of their roles in the business industry. 

  1. WhatRunsWhere

When you talk about the best PPC tools, you can’t miss talking about WhatRunsWhere. This is one of the most competitive PPC tools with the capacity to access lots of information from different corners of the industry. Note that getting access to reliable sources of information within the digital marketing sector is essential to expound your game.

WhatRunsWhere makes the process of ad copy analysis to be extremely easy since the tool does the heavy work by itself. All you have to do is issue commands and get better output. The tool tracks keywords and other important metrics that are vital in making your campaigns unique. Also, you enjoy a chance to learn more about some of the profitable ads that your competitors use in their businesses.

  1. The Search Monitor

This is another incredible innovation with a hand in handling PPC campaigns. The tool performs trademark monitoring and enhances brand protection.  Also, it monitors the brands that place bids using your branded terms. You can set up custom alerts that play a key role in generating vital information from individuals within the target market. Setting an hourly crawling limit allows the tool to collect important content pieces vital for the business’s success.

It works by ensuring you do not go against the market violations and work within your track. The search monitor has diversified access to vital details that increase the likelihood of securing a better position within the industry. It captures all the advertising activities on every paid search to ensure that every invested cent counts.

The search monitor comes with a couple of payment plans which are the pro and ultimate plans subscribed depending on your needs. 

  1. AdGooroo

When you talk of intelligence in the digital marketing sector, you can’t miss out on emphasizing the power of AdGooroo in clearing the airwaves by displaying the naked truth.  The tool comes with an explicit combination of AI technology that is vital in enhancing efficiency and shading light on important PPC data. AdGooroo performs ad copy monitoring to drive additional value to your campaigns. 

AdGooroo has brought about a new era in the business industry using the AI-powered search operating mechanism that makes it the best PPC tool to explore your market audience and get the job done. The tool is among the latest options that have been introduced in the market and secured a considerable market audience due to its ability to change the winds within the industry.

Acquiring this tool allows you to work within an environment with highly intelligent tools that deliver actionable insights that impact the success of your PPC campaigns. Are you in search of a highly authoritative PPC tool? AdGooroo is the best option for your needs. 

In Conclusion

PPC advertising guarantees competitive results that make it a better option than other advertising models. However, advertisers have proved that 96% of consumers do not trust online ads. This means that you are responsible for making your target market believe in the ads you create. 

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