Top 4 Tips to Throw a Birthday Party on Budget

Do you remember your birthday parties? Creating Colorful banners, cutting the attractive cake, and spending time with friends and family members. Those were some good old days. 

Today, birthday parties are one of the best opportunities to keep up with each other with perfect images for social media platforms. Mobile laser tag, enormous billons for decorations, priceless spa days, characters impersonators – some of the most memorable experiences of life. 

If you’re trying to throw a birthday party on a budget, you might think it’s an impossible task. Many people assume that throwing birthday parties on a budget will make the event look dull. However, that’s not the case. Here are the top 4 tips you should know if you’re focusing on the affordable birthday celebration. 

Keep the Guest List Small

No rule states you need to invite all of your classmates, playground buddies, and the entire soccer team. Even if you want to invite them, keep in mind that it will break your budget. 

Therefore, make sure you limit your guest list. Invite only the close people of your life. Remember that you have to invite some specific family members. Therefore, you need to consider the budget allocated for cake and food. 

Create Your Invitations

As we live in a digitalized world, reap the advantages of it. The birthday of your kid isn’t their wedding party. Therefore, don’t purchase the expensive $300 glossy and printed invitations. Instead, consider making digital invitations and sending them through email or social media platforms. 

When you design your invitation cards through a digital platform, you won’t have to spend any money. However, you can purchase a well-designed happy birthday banner as they are affordable. They will also enhance the appearance of your event. 

Host the Party at Your House

You might think it’s odd, but hosting a birthday party at your house is not a wrong task. You can hose the birthday party in your dining room, living room and other places where you don’t need to pay rental fees. As per Today’sparent, don’t forget to choose a theme for the birthday party. If you’re planning an affordable birthday celebration, this step will help you a lot. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars to rent a space, throw the party at your home. This way you can a lot of money. 

Don’t Party on Meal Time

If you’re hosting the birthday party at 5 P.M., you need to feed people. The same is also applicable for lunchtime. If you invite people at the time when they are used to eating, they will expect food. This will also cost you hundreds of dollars. However, you can cover this by giving small meals to your guests. You can also pick a party time when no one expects to eat a heavy meal. 

Despite the selection of your day, don’t forget to provide a few snacks to your guests. No one will like the party if you don’t serve any snacks. Even though you’re running on a tight budget, serving no snacks will create a bad impression. 


These are the top 4 tips to throw a birthday party on a budget. It’s extremely easy to throw a memorable birthday party without spending thousands of dollars. Make sure you plan the budget before throwing the birthday party. 

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