Too Tired to do Chores? Try These 5 Tips for Hassle-free Cleaning

It’s the time of the day again where you forget your work, kick back, and… clean? You spend all day toiling over your work, making sure you give it your best effort in each and every project. When the work day drains your energy, it may be daunting to come home and have to clean up around the house.

Some days, you’re probably tempted to just let the house go to shambles, but living in dust and dirt doesn’t do you any good! Worry not, as these 5 tips will guide you through hassle-free cleaning – you’ll finish faster, have more energy, and still keep a spotless abode!

1.  Part-time Cleaning Services

It may be an obvious tip, but professional cleaning services remove the hassle from your daily and weekly cleaning schedule! You can focus on your work and hobbies instead of worrying about the cleaning tasks needed to be done around the house.

Reputable cleaning companies, like Luce Singapore, can schedule you with a trained and experienced cleaning professional who will arrive at your home to tackle the grime for you! They are well-versed in cleaning different surfaces, and will leave once their session ends so you can still enjoy your personal privacy at home.

Part-time cleaning services are definitely the best option for homeowners who no longer have time to concentrate on their housekeeping, ones who are not experienced in house cleaning, or simply those who want to keep a clean home without the hassle!

2.  Soak Stains Away

Last night’s ketchup stain not fading even after countless scrubbing? Have your kids permanently dyed your white sheets with their colorful markers? Clean smart, not hard! A good soaking can easily remove most fabric stains, especially when combined with a stain remover such as hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, or bleach.

Allow the stains to soak anywhere from a few hours to overnight for heavy stains. While they soak, you have time to do other things. Don’t spend hours scrubbing out those stains just to destroy the quality of the fabric – soak those stains away instead!

3.  Automate Your Cleaning

If you’ve got a budget to spare, spring for automated cleaning appliances like smart vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, and more. These appliances help you with the cleaning duties around the house so you have more time for yourself. Many of these can be controlled using apps, and you can schedule when they start cleaning! They self-recharge too!

Let these appliances clean your home for you. They may not deep clean your home, but they are good for general cleaning. You’ll get home with half the chores done, and more time for yourself and your family! You can also push off general cleaning to the end of the week for when you have more time to do the household chores.

4.  One Pan Fits All

A lot of people love cooking, but not the cleaning that comes with it. Even if you don’t enjoy cooking, you may need to cook your meals when you get home after a long day’s work. Be practical with your meals, and go for one-pan recipes! One-pan recipes were made to minimize the amount of dishes you need to wash after cooking.

If you have a slow cooker, make use of the slow cooker method to cook delicious, nutritious meals while you’re gone for work. You’ll get home to a hot meal, and only have one pan to clean afterwards! Mix it up, and make one-pan recipes in the oven, over the stove, or have a chilled salad for hot summer days.

5.  All-purpose Cleaners Clean All

Stop scrambling around looking for the different cleaning solutions you bought for specific surfaces. Grab an all-purpose cleaner the next time you’re out shopping. As its name suggests, all-purpose cleaners can be used to clean several types of surfaces from countertops to sinks, and even toilets!

An all-purpose cleaner minimizes the amount of clutter in your home as you store one kind of cleaner instead of several, specific ones. Keep a spray bottle of the cleaner in each room, so you can conveniently reach for the solution as you go about your cleaning tasks. You’ll save up on time, energy, and even the costs of buying so many different cleaning solutions!

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