12 Best Things to Do in Shimla-Abode of Snow

Himachal Pradesh is well known for some of the most beautiful and naturally satisfying places. And in this list, the one who stands at the top is Shimla. The capital of the state, Shimla, is always deployed with a large tourist crowd. If you have also decided to become a part of the crowd, then make sure to add these activities to your things-to-do list.

So, here are some of the best things to do in Shimla. These things will not only enhance your tour experience but also add adventure to your Shimla Manali Package.

Hiking to the Holy Jakhoo Temple

In Shimla, you can never go out of the destinations that are suitable for hiking. But the place most famous for hiking is the Jakhoo temple. You can hike up to the holiest Jakhoo temple, which is renowned for being the tallest Hanuman statue. To reach the place, you need to go through the dense forest of Shimla. You can also get to the area riding a horse or by taxi. Altogether, it will be the perfect place for two activities that includes hiking and horse riding.

Sightseeing in Viceregal Lodge

This beautiful place which is full of sightseeing spots can add up to your experience. Viceregal Lodge is one of the oldest lodges built in the time of the British. It is made in the modern style of the Britishers and has the most prominent view of the whole town. So, if you are fond of the luxurious lodge, then make sure to pay a visit to this beautiful destination and enjoy the sight offered by this place. You can also prefer to linger in the lodge and the nearby hotels as well.

Photoshoot in the Chadwick Falls

Chadwick falls in Shimla

The beautiful Chadwick Falls in Shimla is a perfect place to listen to nature’s melody. The most excellent time to tour this stunning place is from December to February. You can enjoy the shoot over here and add it to your gallery. This fall is one of the most significant falls in the country known for the eminent view that one gets from here. This waterfall is much mesmerizing and attracts the tourist for the mesmerizing view that it offers. So, this makes it must visit place in the Shimla.

Visit Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex

The best way to explore the traditional and cultural beauty of Shimla is by visiting the gaiety heritage cultural complex. Here you will study each and all customs and traditions being prevailed in Shimla. This activity is very prominent from the purpose of classical history. The cultural complex consists of a variety of marvelous and expensive arts and crafts of the ethnic people. You can also enjoy the plays in the Gaiety Theatre, which was built in the old British times.

Sightseeing in Kali Bari temple

Best place for sightseeing Kali bari temple Shimla himachal

Kali Bari Temple is one of the holiest places in Shimla, which is believed to have some divine powers within. The place has the statue of the goddess Shayamla. You can choose to hike to the temple and worship the goddess and seek blessing over there. Afterward, you can go for a tour in the nearby area where the entire city looks fabulous, like heaven.

Shopping in Mall Road

Shopping in the Mall Road should be compulsorily included in your list of things to do in Shimla. Asa tourist you can never miss bringing a special something back home for friends and family. So, the shopping streets of the mall road are the best option. Here, you can pick up the best arts and crafts of woods and wool. This place is connected to the cable cars from the upper towns from where you can view the beauty of the city.

Sightseeing in Ridge

Ridge is specifically a terrific region which is located in the center of central Shimla city. This place is full of great mountains covered in the snow. You can enjoy sightseeing in the area, and aside from this, you can also experience playing snow. In the case you are visiting with your friends then snow-fighting will be the best thing to do. Also, the place is prominent for Heil-Skiing and best for ski lovers.

River Rafting in Naldehra

River rafting at naladhera, Shimla

For people fond of adventurous activities and love sports, river rafting in Naldehra is very famous. Attempting all the safety measures, you need to be conscious about the instruments and the safety kits. This activity will be conducted in the Sutlej River that has the best flow for river rafting. Chamba to Tattapani will be the total distance for rafting which will take around two hours.

Mountain Biking in Prospect Hill

The other activity for those who love adventure is mountain Biking in prospect Hill. The thrilling experience that you can get from here is just not comparable. You can enjoy the best and unexpected turns and slopes over here with a cool mountain breeze. The center of attraction of prospect hill is the Kamana Devi temple. After the adventurous biking trip to prospect hill, you must seek blessings from the Kamana Devi Temple.

Dorje Drak Monastery

It is now coming up for the holy things to do in Shimla. So, the most prominent thing is to travel around the Dorje Drak Monastery in Shimla. This monastery is built in Nyingma tradition, which belongs to Tibetan Buddhism. Also, you don’t have to pay any fees to visit the monastery. It is a place near the river Rohru which is mesmerizing and not less than any whole diverse place. This is the absolute spot to get nearer to nature and practice yoga and meditation.

Trekking to Chail Sanctuary

There are excellent trekking options in Shimla that take you closer to the natural beauty. You can either trek to the beautiful churches or the temples and the jungles in height. But if you want to enjoy the snow lines of Shimla, then you must trek to Chail. Chail is a hill station that is located in the hills of Shimla. Trekking to this point in the summertime will give a quick tour to heaven. You can also enjoy exploring the wildlife of the sanctuary.

Sightseeing in The Christ Church

Shimla is rich in Various places that involve natural or landscape sightseeing. But the best view that you want will be visible from the Christ Church. The initial thing that you should do here is praying to god in the Church. After then you can go for a quick tour around the whole town and explore it. You can also light the candles and place your blessings in front of the divine.

Hence, there are more than dozens of activities that one can enjoy in Shimla. You can enjoy mountaineering, hiking, trekking, rafting, skiing, and many more things here. The site is sufficient of natural and cultural beauty, which can even confuse you about which to choose. So, make sure to prepare your list of things to do in Shimla and pack your pack for the Shimla trip.

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