The Importance of Scheduling for Small Business

In whatever industry you’re in – retail professional services, restaurant and healthcare, a proper schedule that your workers are crucial in ensuring the best service for your customers and employees, resulting in the most effective outcomes to your profit margins. It brings order and flow to your company. Everyone knows when they’re expected to be at work, so they’re able to focus on their task and ensure that the essential jobs are done in the appropriate time. There is no chance of being missed or forgotten. A well-planned plan should address these concerns:

  • Are we in the correct mixture of supervisors, staff and managers?
  • Are all of our shifts and time slots are covered?
  • Are we adequately staffed to handle our busiest times?
  • Are we prepared if we get a sick call?

A good schedule can also help in other specific ways.

Aids in employee attendance issues

If an employee is consistently arriving early or taking too many days off If a schedule is not in place, it can detect this and inform the manager about the issue.

Let the boss or manager know.

determine what is being performed by whom and in what order. This can aid in making the decision of who will work in order to ensure maximum performance.

It helps plan ahead                                   

being aware of in advance the time employees have booked their time off, as an example it will let the manager know who’s needed at certain times. This will make sure you have enough employees for busy times and avoid overstaffing in slower times. Both of these scenarios could impact the final results.

Aids in keeping the policies clear and transparent.

A well-planned schedule ensures that employees are treated equally in regards to leave and other vacation time. Managers can review of the schedule reports and decide on the appropriate time off for each employee. The system could establish how leaves are handled regardless of whether it is on the first come or seniority basis. Make the rules clear to your employees.

Effectively manages the hours of overtime

A well-designed shift scheduling system allows managers to allocate evenly overtime hours to employees and track the hours they are allocated to them.

Give you a advantage in your competition

your small-scale business might not be in a position to compete with bigger businesses on benefits and salaries However, if your work schedule incorporates innovative ideas such as flex hours or remote work, you could still be able to compete and retain top talent that prefer a balanced work/life schedule over pay.

What is Flex Scheduling and what are the advantages?

In essence, anything other than the 9-5 40-hour office, is regarded as flexible. This could include summer hours (get every Friday off) or telecommuting (work at home, avoiding time during the commute) or compressed work schedules (work the 40-hour work week in four days instead of five) and job sharing (a number of part-time individuals to fulfill a specific job) or whatever other ideas you think of to keep employees content and productive. The employees are empowered . With this feeling of empowerment

Flexible scheduling isn’t suitable for every field and must be beneficial with both employees as well as the employer. If you decide to allow your employees to choose between different choices, you, as the employer, have to maintain strict control through well-documented policies as well as procedures such as establishing the time frames for employees to be present , and establishing permanent schedules. For instance employees who work on a schedule that is sped up cannot be permitted to make a rash decision to put in a couple of extra hours every day, so that they can leave at the beginning of his fourth day. Unauthorized changes to schedules can be an issue, particularly in businesses where the absence of only one employee could stop an essential aspect of the business’s operations.

There are many aspects to consider when planning a proper schedule for small businesses. There are plenty of apps which can assist you in dealing with these issues. We at Time Well Scheduled have the tools to assist you in turning your scheduling problems into an advantage. We’re also happy to talk to you at anytime.

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