Strategies in Recruitment of Employees

Recruitment is a series of activities that aim to find potential employees by giving them some motivation to be able to demonstrate their skills and knowledge needed to fill positions in the planning of employment at a company. Of course, recruitment into the initial stages of the company’s human resources selecting will work and achieve the target company so effective recruitment process is very important to do.

The main purpose of a recruitment agency is not only to produce a certain number of people, but also to lure the applicants were competent for the company with reference to the ability, the match between the requirements of the job with the knowledge, and motivation refers to the match between the characteristics of the job applicant’s personality. By looking at these objectives, the company should conduct the recruitment stage right and effective employees so that employees obtained also the appropriate people.

The strategy in the recruitment of employees consists of several stages following:

Planning recruitment

The earliest stages in the recruitment process starts from the determination forged clear specification of the human resource needs in a good company based on the number, skill level, educational level, and a grace period to meet those needs. The recruitment plan, the company should prepare everything that will support the recruiting process so that the process can run optimally. The human resource department should be able to prepare everything from the applicant’s qualifications, the position of the projected number of needs, and more.

Scope recruitment

In getting the best-qualified employees, companies should look for coverage region is predicted to have the potential candidate. Local workforce market may be the best choice to start recruitment efforts are needed. However, in this case, companies should also not forget to do recruitment into regional or national coverage that can be done for some specific positions. In fact, if necessary, the candidate search can also include a broader scale, namely an international scale.

Position entry

One employee recruitment strategy is to know where the entry position for the first time should be in the organizational hierarchy of the company. An entry-level position in a company is usually located in the bottom layer once as part of production, which continued to entry-level positions both on the part of management in the lower part, and so on. One of the reasons why the position should enter from the bottom is the lowest position the company usually requires more candidates so that job applicants will be numerous. From this stage, the company can choose files estimated and fit applicants if positioned at a higher position later. This selection process can be seen from the portfolio of the applicants, level of education, work experience, and others.

Search applicants

After all the planning well developed and mature, the next activity is done is the actual recruitment. These applicants can search using traditional recruitment methods by using advertising media such as newspapers, television, or by putting up posters vacancies in the appointed place. This process is the culmination of a series of administrative processes where the search begins with the collection of applicant cover letter, screen potential applicants, conduct a test call, as well as undergo a training process.

Lure applicants

A major component in the recruitment strategy is to plan things interesting for job applicants. Not all companies have the ability to lure applicants needed especially in the position of expert employees. To strengthen recruitment efforts further, the company needs to determine the appeal that will be offered as salary, career, or other interesting things.

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