Regain Your Confidence With Brest Lift Surgery

Also called Mastopexy, breast lift surgery is an operation carried out to change the shape of one’s breast. Excess skin is removed from the breast, which has become saggy to uplift it in proper posture. Such surgery can boost the confidence and self-belief of the patient.

Causes of Breast Being Saggy & Loose

Over time, a woman’s breasts tend to change by losing their shape, elasticity, and posture. There may be several causes for these changes, some of which include:

  • Carrying a child

During the child’s birth, the ligaments supporting the breast may stretch as it becomes heavier and fuller with milk. This stretching in the breasts results in them loosening up, making them saggy and unattractive.

  • Dynamic Changes In the Weight 

Subtle changes in the bodyweight might stretch the breasts, resulting in loss of firmness and elasticity.

  • Gravitational Pull on Breast

The fact is that gravity might well cause the stretching in breasts. Once a woman is old, the ligament might not hold up against the gravity, which might cause sagging of the breast.

Why Would You Need Breast Lift?

The surgery can reduce the looseness of the breast to look better by raising the position of the nipples and the darkened area beneath the nipples. The darkened area under the nipples is called areolae. The areolae’s size can also be reduced or made at par with the size of the breasts.

One can choose to go for a breast lift surgery if:-


  1. If breasts have loosened and are not holding their proper position
  2. Breasts start falling below the breasts’ crease.
  3. If the nipple starts pointing downwards, making it is unattractive.
  4. The areolae are out of proportion when compared to the breasts.
  5. If either of the breasts falls lower than the other.

For Whom?

Mastopexy or breast lifting surgery isn’t for everyone; if someone is planning to give birth in the future, one should delay the breast lift. The results of the surgery may not bear any fruit during pregnancy if the breasts again sag out. Breastfeeding is also an area of concern. Although it is possible to breastfeed a child after the surgery, delaying the operation for long-lasting results is usually recommended.

The Risk Involved During the surgery?

Breast lifting bears not only fruitful rewards but also possesses certain risks such as:


  1. Scarring – The operation marks may remain evident for one to two years, but they can be hidden with bra straps and bathing suits. The surgery performed not to any detail can cause the scars to thicken.


  1. The sensation of the Breast or Nipple – The sensation of the nipples might get affected due to the surgery; the loss of some feelings might remain permanent. It is to be kept in mind that the surgery doesn’t affect erotic sensations.


  1. Loss of Nipple –the blood supply to the nipple is rarely intervened during the surgery, but if it happens, the breast tissue is damaged due to the loss of nipples for the woman.


  1. Breastfeeding Might Become Difficult –It is possible to feed a child after breastfeeding surgery, but some women can have difficulty producing milk.


The appearance of the breasts changes instantaneously, but the shape continues to settle for around 3 months. The initial scars seem red and ugly, but they will become thinner and will fade away with time. A breast lift does not have permanent results as the shape of breasts change with age.

So, yeah hopefully this guide will assist you all to learn about cirugía de levantamiento de senos.


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