Quick Points to Consider Before You Buy a Second-Hand Bike 

It is wonderful that you are making a smart move by buying a second-hand bike. Indeed, when you know that a used bike is going to be a good option for you and pocket-friendly as well; go for it. But it is always good to have things in mind that help you make wise decisions while choosing a specific bike.

Here, no matter you are using a good second-hand bike app or platform to buy your bike; there are always things to be considered. You should know about certain points that help you buy the right bike.  Remember, when you are buying a new bike from a showroom, you would not need to do so much of thinking and all. But when you purchase a bike especially from a realm of used bikes, make sure you make the right move with the right aspects in mind. Keep on reading and you would know what to do and what not to do.

Make a List of Bikes 

This is somewhat an easy task, you just require to make a list about your needs and the bikes that are fulfilling it. For example, you would want a bike which offers a good mileage of forty to forty-five kmpl with decent power and must be comfortable, in this instance you will need a proper 150cc motorcycle with cozy riding position and even that of style. Then you can list out the bikes. Once you make a list of all these things, you would be in a better position to make a choice out of the used bikes. 

Of course, do not worry, the professionals who are selling the bike on the platform are going to help you at every path. They would ensure that you get proper satisfaction before you make a decision. The bike you would choose is going to work as per your needs and aspirations. You can even talk to the mechanics to evaluate all the things about the bike and match if it has all the things as per your requirement.

Take a ride for testing it 

Taking a test ride of motorcycle that you are looking forward to buy will be a good idea. It would give you a proper idea about how it was maintained, in case you are not so expert, go to your day today mechanic and ask him to take a proper test ride and look for any issues or defects in the machine. Then you can look for any visible type of scratches on the bike, it will help you to negotiate for it or even else leave the motorcycle if you cannot simply live with it. Taking a test ride is quite an important step that can easily convey very useful information, so never purchase it before you take a test ride. What is the point if you would be regretting after a week, month or six months? So, be sure about the purchase.

Now after the checkups and test ride you need to evaluate some important things such as drive chain, sprocket, brakes, clutch lever, frame, brake fluid oil, suspension, battery, rust, any sort of leaks and even tires, all these things can give you a good idea of how the owner maintained and took care of the bike and if the bike has met sort of any accident or not.  In case you are not that expert or pro, ask your mechanic to find out all this thing carefully. If you see any sort of damage on frame just don’t buy it and always make sure that you buy a motorcycle that is stock, evade bikes having any sort of aftermarket parts. 

Remember, it is not just about the test driving, you can always ensure that the mechanics run all types of tests on the bike for your satisfaction. They would ensure that your bike gets checked inside out.  Of course, there are always mechanics with the app professionals too. They would also ensure that the bike is good. But sometimes, you want to be triple sure about everything.  Here, if you have proper scanning and checking of your bike done by your own mechanic, you would rule out any type of doubts that might be there. 

Note that most of the bikes that are second hand are good and effective. It is for the reason that these days people have a taste for latest models of bikes. Rich people sell off the current bike as soon as a new bike comes into the market. Hence, they sell of their old bike and it becomes second hand for the others who are aiming for a good used bike. Indeed, because a bike is second hand it does not mean it would definitely have something wrong in it. Once you see how wonderful options are in the world of used bikes, you would vouch for it. But again, your satisfaction is always important. So, let your mechanics also examine your bike before you make a purchase.

Papers and documentations 

After you have done all the machine checks and all, ask the owner or dealer or the app professionals for the papers and check it methodically. Check the insurance if it is first- party or third-party, you need to ensure that you check out and match the engine number and Chassis number. Make sure that you get the bike that is authentic and good. What is the point if you take up a bike from someone and later on realize that it was a stolen bike? Such a thing would be devastating and can even put you in danger. So, make sure that you always stay vigilant about papers and all. Of course, a good 2nd hand bikes app would never get you any bike that is stolen or has fraud papers. You would get proper papers and everything.


So, since you have a fair idea about what you should keep in mind while buying a second hand or used bike, go for it.  You can choose a good one for sure.


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