Ophthalmology EHR Solutions: Liquid EHR vs Nextech EHR Face-off!

Ophthalmologists have said no to inefficient healthcare solutions. Instead, they are now more inclined towards tech-savvy solutions that can end their misery of handling processes manually. This reliance of ophthalmologists on technology led to the emergence of a vast variety of ophthalmic EHR solutions. Driven by care and innovation, these specialty-specific solutions assist practitioners at every stage of delivering care. In addition, they help improve the resilience of medical practices by featuring one-in-a-kind clinical functionalities. 

Today, we will look into two best-of-breed ophthalmology-specific solutions comparatively. We are referring to Liquid and Nextech EHR as they offer to-the-point care services. In this Liquid vs Nextech guide, we will reveal to you the features, reviews, and pricing details of both platforms. Then, enlightening you about their best practices, we will help you undermine which software you should use to up your level in the eye care industry. So, shall we look at intellectual points instead of focusing on idle talk?

Liquid EHR Software:

Liquid EHR Features:

Liquid EHR is unbeatable when it comes to features. Liquid software features over 100 tools and services to meet ambulatory domain criteria, ensure meaningful use compliance, and comply with clinical quality measures. Here we will just focus on the typical Liquid EHR features. 


  • Exam record customization
  • Drawing tools
  • Historical IOP chart
  • Builtin eye charts
  • Frames data integration
  • Image and document management
  • Diabetic retinopathy  CQM
  • Diabetes eye exam CQM
  • Acuity chart


Practice Management:

  • The robust data mining system
  • Integrated auditing
  • Marketing lists
  • Mailing list generator
  • Auto check for compliance
  • Reports builder
  • Dispensary module with inventory check
  • Patient kiosks
  • Remote Access

There’s no end to the features offered by Liquid software. 

Liquid EHR Demo:

Liquid EHR offers a demo on request. There’s a button at the left corner stating, “Request a demo.” It helps practitioners schedule a demo easily by filling out the request form. The demo of the Liquid platform is very well presented. In the demo, all the quality services of Liquid EHR solution are covered in a proper manner. Going through the Liquid demo means having a keen insight into all its integrated functionalities. 

Liquid EHR Pricing:

Liquid EHR offers detailed pricing bundles with no setup fee or long-term contracts attached. There are two pricing bundles offered by Liquid, one for in-office settings and the other for cloud-based settings. The in-office plan costs $199 per month, and the cloud-pricing plan of Liquid costs $299. This shows that liquid is indeed a cost-effective pricing solution and charges nothing extra for ongoing maintenance, technical support, and customer support services. 

Liquid EHR Reviews:

The Liquid reviews come next in this Liquid vs Nextech comparison. The Liquid EHR is backed by positive reviews and satisfactory comments. Users praise the vendor for how it digitizes the exam room procedures for enhanced care outcomes. With a 4.7-star rating, Liquid EHR tops the reviews chart. 

This cost-effective solution prevents tasks from bogging down. According to the reviews, Liquid is a forward-looking solution with quality recall, inventory management, and insurance management services. However, the reviews of Liquid EHR state that finding the right diagnostics can sometimes be tiring. Steps should be taken to simplify the diagnosis process.

Nextech EHR Software:

Nextech EHR Features:

In the Ophthalmology field, Nextech features two categories. Nextech features are divided into EHR tools and services and Practice Management ones to meet the needs of medical practices. Here’s a list of Nextech Ophthalmology-specific features. 

EHR services:

  • Single-page layout mirrors
  • Adaptable templates
  • Content streamlined charting
  • Regulatory performance monitoring
  • Documentation
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Automated letter generation
  • Referral management
  • EPCS
  • Telemedicine
  • Subspecialty charting like cataract surgery planner and Glaucoma flowsheets
  • ASC Charting for instant data sharing

Practice Management:

  • Robust billing
  • Advanced Scheduling
  • Revenue cycle management for handling account receivables
  • Payment capture
  • Payment processing with tap-to-pay capability
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Lead management and marketing automation
  • Optical inventory and POS
  • Patient portal
  • Mobile app

These are the integral features offered by Nextech EHR. 

Nextech EHR Demo:

As Nextech EHR tends to four different medical specialties, it provides an exclusive demo for all. Clients can schedule a demo by clicking on “Schedule a demo.” Then, a dialogue box appears inquiring about the specialty practices, state a practitioner is working in, etc. This way, it sets up a comprehensive demo that meets the user’s expectations. The best part is, Nextech EHR asks clients which time works best for setting up a demo. Apart from all this, the Nextech demo is known for its informative nature. 

Nextech EHR Pricing:

The pricing details of Nextech are not counted yet. However, from the user statements, we assessed that the pricing bundles of Nextech are a bit expensive. They are out of reach of small practices. However, it is stated by the users that Nextech pricing plans are inclusive of training and implementation costs. For t-the-point pricing details, contact Nextech software. 

Nextech EHR Reviews:

Next in line is the Nextech reviews in this Liquid vs Nextech comparison. Nextech is a highly valued solution backed by endless satisfactory user reviews. The Nextech software supports 4-star reviews. Additionally, users think its ability to integrate with other solutions is beyond splendid and smooth. Customizing the vendor is also pretty easy as it readily adapts to one’s needs. 

As per the reviews, Nextech is a practice management system of high potential. It shapes the financial streams and improves the bottom line of practices. The reviews show that Nextech identifies the bottlenecks in the clinical workflow. The downside is it is not a solution small practice can afford. Also, its customer service is relatively slow. 

The Ending Ment:

In this Liquid vs Nextech comparative analysis, we learned quite a few things. First, Liquid EHR features a more diverse range of tools and services than Nextech EHR. Second, the pricing range of Liquid EHR is more reasonable than that of Nextech. Third, Liquid software supports a higher reviews rating compared to Nextech. As for the demo, both solutions offer cost-free demo tutorials. Based on this, one can conclude that Liquid EHR software is the winning contender in this Liquid vs Nextech comparison. Liquid EHR is a better option for ophthalmologists because it offers more at less price.

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