Morning skincare mistakes that you might be making

It is easier to pamper your skin at night. After a hectic day, skincare feels very relaxing. For some people, skincare might also be a bedtime ritual. 

However, for the most part, it is the mornings that get ignored. Not everyone is a morning person, so for them, waking up is enough challenge to conquer in the day. 

Moreover, there are also many demands on the person during the morning. Cleaning, preparing for work, sending the family off, sorting breakfast and lunch, and naturally, in all of this hustle, paying attention to the skin is hardly a priority.

But these skincare mistakes during the day might be the very reason you are running to the skin specialists. During the night, there is plenty of gunk that your face gathers, not dealing with which causes problems. 

Moreover, not properly preparing your skin before stepping out can also cause the skin to run into problems, look dull and the complexion to become dull. 

Hence, avoiding the following skincare mistakes during the morning is imperative if you want a healthy skin. 

Morning skincare mistakes that you might be making 

Not washing your face 

Of course, you might run some water over your face, but just doing that is not enough. You need a cleanser or facewash to clean your face properly. 

Your skin gathers oil and dirt from your pillowcase during the night that you need to remove. Moreover, starting off with a clean canvas is important. 

Not using lukewarm water

You might like the warmth from the hot water, or you like the jolt of the cold water. But both are not good for your skin. The best temperature for your skin is lukewarm. 

Not properly moisturizing your skin 

Your skin requires moisturizer and forgoing it can lead to your skin becoming dull, dry, and patchy. Not reinforcing with moisturizer can cause your skin barrier to become compromised. 

So, make sure that you moisturize your skin. Invest in a good moisturizer, ideally, one that is not too oily. Also, use a moisturizer within minutes of washing your face. A skin that is damp is more receptive to the moisturizer, so it is absorbed well.

Not using anti-aging products

The idea of anti-aging products is not anti-agist; you cannot beat time. These products are simply about graceful aging. Also, aging starts in late 20s and 30s, and timely taking measures can improve the texture and the appearance of the skin. 

Not exfoliating your skin

While you should not be exfoliating skin every day but doing so regularly is important. Once or twice a week is good enough. However, it is suggested that you use chemical exfoliants, as the physical ones and scrubs can be harsh for the skin. It can cause micro abrasion and tears on the skin.

Not moderately applying skincare products 

Some people might also go overboard with their morning skincare routine. However, at times, too much is also very damaging to your skin. 

So, exercise caution. At times, less is more. Do not layer a lot of products, as that can lead to your skin becoming irritated, inflamed, and run into other problems as well. 

Hence, refrain from mindless application of product. A good routine is composite of a cleanser, toner –if needed –, spot treatment, moisturizer, and sunscreen. 

Not putting on sunscreen 

Sunscreen is something you cannot absolutely miss. Whereas admittedly, sunlight is good for your health, physical and mental, both, but direct exposure to sunlight can cause harm to your skin. It can lead to premature aging of the skin, hyperpigmentation and even skincare.

So, you must wear sunscreen. Opt for a broad spectrum one so that you are protected against wide range of radiation. Moreover, an SPF of 30+ is good. Since sunscreen breaks down, you need to reapply it after every two hours. If you cannot figure out what product to use, you can consult your Dermatologist in Lahore.  


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